Get to know Lou Jeanmonnot: biathlon, tattoos, friends and… shopping!

When in the past December, Lou Jeanmonnot took a sprint-pursuit double in Oestersund and then got to wear the yellow bib in Hochfilzen, many were surprised by the big steps taken by the 25-year-old. However, the French biathlete has grown steadily over the years having won the IBU Junior Cup Total Score in 2018 and the IBU Cup Total Score in 2022 and she felt it was about time she’d shine on the main tour.

From her passion for tattoos - the first one being a snowflake of course! - to her love for ski mountaineering, from the deep bond with her family to her views on the depth of the French women team, in this video interview we get to know Lou Jeanmonnot: inside and out of the biathlon range.

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