Five Burning Questions for…Endre Stroemsheim

Norwegian Endre Stroemsheim started his international biathlon career with Gold and Silver medals in the 2016 IBU Youth World Championships. Jump to the 2019/20 IBU Cup season; he won three times, teamed with Karoline Erdal to win the IBU OECH single Mixed Relay Gold medal, but finished second to Lucas Fratzscher in the IBU Cup Total Score by a single point.

This season, everything went right for the 25-year-old Norwegian: six individual IBU Cup victories including Sprint and Individual Gold medals at the IBU OECH. That ensured him the IBU Cup Total Score, Individual and Sprint Score globes without competing in the last two IBU Cups in Canmore! It also paved the way for three top 15 finishes in his first-ever IBU World Championships, a mixed relay podium in Nove Mesto and this past week, his first-ever BWW IBU World Cup victory with Norway’s men’s relay team. Now in a couple of days, Stroemsheim will be on the closing out a dream season at home in the Holmenkollen Ski Arena.

Before he hopped on the plane in Oestersund, heading for Norway, Endre answered five questions and told us his post-season plans.

Biathlonworld: When you came into this season, did your goals include winning the IBU Cup Total Score and getting World Cup starts or were they different?

Endre Stroemsheim: I had two plans for the season. Number one was to qualify for WC as soon as possible, and compete in WCH Oberhof. If I didn't make plan A, then my plan B was to fight for the IBU-overall and become European Champion. Then all of the sudden I went to WCH and also won the IBU-overall, so in the end I got the best of both worlds!

BW: What has been the biggest difference this year that took you to a new level?

ES: I have made huge changes in my training from 1.may 2022. I read ''How to Skate'' by the ice skater Nils Van Der Poel, then I tried to translate it to biathlon. It was really fun! And it gave me great results this season.

BW: What was it like first to compete in your first IBU World Championships but also to compete in the most elite competition, the mass start there? Any nerves or pretty cool by then?

ES: Hehe, I was actually way more nervous before the sprint! During the championship I got more confidence, so I was excited, and the crowd made it such a great experience.

BW: Mixed relay podium in Nove Mesto and now a World Cup relay win, is it going to take a while for that success to sink in?

ES: The WC relays at the end of the season are for sure the most fun races this season! So great to win with the team, both boys and girls. I think I will remember the first win for the rest of my life. Really special day for us in the Norwegian B-team with Captain Vetle on the last leg.

BW: Every Norwegian dreams of competing in front of the big home crowds at Holmenkollen, how exciting will that be…maybe one of those dream coming true scenarios?

ES: I am incredibly excited for the WC-final in Holmenkollen! A dream for sure. I've been training in the stadium from early age and now family and friends coming to cheer. Just perfect; really excited about the last races of the season!

BW: Bonus question… what will you be doing one week after the season ends; still celebrating, sleeping or…?

ES: Off-season is always nice! Beach, sun, some skiing in the mountains, friends and maybe some beers.

Watch for this guy this week in Oslo!

Photos: IBU/Christian Manzoni, Per Danielsson

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