Development Commission Meeting

In the scenic backdrop of Östersund, the Development Commission (DC) met on the 9th and 10th of October during the midst of the First Level Academy course at the national training centre of the Swedish Biathlon Team. 

The meeting saw full attendance from the Development Commission members. This included Christian Borch from Denmark, Thomas Braun from Germany, Lilya Budzulyak from Ukraine, John Farra from the USA, Rikard Grip from Sweden, Carlos Lannes from Spain, and Aliona Sosunova from Lithuania. Also in attendance were IBU's Development Director Dagmara Gerasimuk, Head of Academy Gerold Sattlecker and Development Manager Theresa Heinsinger, who brought their expertise to the discussions. Furthermore, IBU Secretary General Max Cobb shared his insights, contributing to the meeting's conclusions.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Development Department Insight: A comprehensive report and the latest updates from the Development Department set the tone for the meeting.

  • Development Categories Review: The team evaluated current categorisations and discussed new criteria proposals.

  • Development Programme Support: A broad review encompassed areas like the National Federation's Development Project Support,  Material Support, IBU-IOC Camps, the "Biathlon for All" initiative, and the IBU Academy.

  • International Biathlon Day: This concept was introduced in tandem with the "Biathlon for All" project, aiming to celebrate the sport globally.

  • NFs Survey 2024: The commission brainstormed on definitions and formulated questions concerning 'development' topics to be included in the survey.

  • IBU Target 2030: An ambitious goal was discussed –grow biathlon by doubling the number of athletes.

These discussions reaffirmed the IBU's commitment to fostering growth, promoting inclusivity, and ensuring that biathlon reaches IBU's overall objectives 203

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