YOG Gold at home for French Team

YOG Gold at home for French Team

The French duo continued their success from yesterday, fighting their way to a Gold medal, in what became a very exciting single mixed relay. With constant changes in the leading pack, the French team managed to stay in the medal range with their great shooting skills using only seven spare rounds.

Despite having a very long day at the Medal Plaza and media obligations, after they both claimed medals during the Individual competitions yesterday, their mind was focused on Gold.

Richard commented. "We did a great job to recover, already yesterday I had this competition in my mind. Shooting this competition where everyone is so close to you, and you feel that every second count is special, but I managed to stay focused on what I was supposed to do. it went well for me behind the rifle. The win today is definitely thanks to the shooting."

YOG Gold at home for French Team

Leave with no regrets

Having a close battle to the very end, Garcia managed to stay calm in the last shooting stage and cruised to a flag-waving finish for the french team in 42:00.3. He explained his success.

"I just wanted to come here with no thoughts and to leave here with no regrets, I just did it on the track. In my head it was just about moving to move forward, a “go go go” mentality you can say. The same goes for the shooting."

YOG Gold at home for French Team

Troubled start for the Italians

For the Italian team the competition did not start as they had imagined, but in the very end it all came down to not giving up, after a slow start they pulled together and finished 19. seconds off the winners.

Linda Zingerle commented, "I had a difficult start, right away from the start in the first uphill I fell, I told myself you have to stay calm and get up. The competition is not decided in the first loop."

YOG Gold at home for French Team

Marco Barale added "Single mix is a crazy competition, you have to have a mentality of never giving up because it all changes so quickly in this format. That was exactly what I did after ending in the penalty loop after the first standing shooting, I did not lose hope. "

No expectations

The Swedish duo had no expectations about the podium. They had their shot at the Silver medal in the last standing stage but then the misses came.

"I am a little upset that I could not avoid the penalty loop at the last shooting, but I was aware after finishing my penalty loop that we still had a medal in our bag. I still saw the Italian in front of me and I tried to catch him, but he was just too far away," said Andersson.

YOG Gold at home for French Team

It is fair to say that Sweden was not along with the favorites baised on yesterday's result, but then again we have to remember this is a relay competition.

"Looking at the ranks from yesterday, it did not look good, but Sweden in relays is something special", said Sara Andersson.

Photos by Simon Bruty for OIS