Denise Herrmann: Women On The Rise

Denise Herrmann: Women On The Rise

German ace Denise Herrmann is coming off the best season of her second sports life in biathlon, having crowned the dream of becoming a world champion. Her love affair with Oestersund continued in 2019, after having won her maiden BMW IBU World Cup competition the season before, as in Sweden she took one gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

Following the retirement of Laura Dahlmeier, the 30 year old from Bad Schlema is now seen by fans as the main hope in the German team and she is ready to embrace this new status. In this video-story, Herrmann shares her feelings and thoughts on biathlon and the women’s tour.

You know from every girl if she is good on skiing or shooting and then you can calculate a little bit during the race and it makes it interesting”.

Herrmann believes that her strength not only lies on her strong skiing, but also on the mental attitude she has towards a sport that she embraced relatively late in her career.

“I think it is easier for the motivation when you are not so good on shooting, because on skis you have longer times when you are on form, while on shooting you never know, one day is good and the next not so good.”

With a lot of medals to her name in the past season, she obviously is thinking about the big crystal globe, even though she admits it will take a step further in her consistency.

“In cross country I was also an all-round girl, but in biathlon it is even harder with three competitions every week. Sometimes, the girl who won the overall took 7th as her worst result in the season and I think it is very difficult to keep your form for 3-4 months.”