Wednesday Social Wrap

Wednesday Social Wrap

April is carrying longer hours of daylight, warmer temperatures and those spring vibes that just make you feel like being outdoors. For athletes, it is not any different, but it looks like they have had  different ways to spend those weeks after the end of the season. From tropical escapes to spring skiing, from city weekends to family time, which one do you think you'd follow?

​Feeling like summer

Thailand, Egypt or Mexico? Plenty athletes opted for a warm retreat after the cold winter months and are literally splashing into their holidays!

And how to blame them and all the others who are exploring some beautiful (warm) corners of the planet?

​Still searching for snow...

Yes, for some, these April days mean a final chance for using their skis before they go on a rest before the next season. Be it cross country, alpine or touring, if any snow is left, they might just as well make some use of it!

​... also for some different kind of fun!

Lukas Hofer's traditional "Gaudi" biathlon ends the season in Antholz-Anterselva, while in France it was time for some fun organized by the exhilarating Team Valoche.

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🌴SPRINT BREAK 2019🌴 merci @team_valoche 😘

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Hit the road!

Closer or further from home? Sometimes it's about discovering some new places, just like Quentin Fillon Maillet did on a US road trip, but you can also enjoy a laid-back weekend exploring the beauties of London, like Franziska Preuss did...

We will find out soon if Simon is also ready for a similar flowerbed at home!

​But don't forget, winter is not far everywhere!