Wednesday Social Wrap

Wednesday Social Wrap

August may be the month most people go on vacation, but this is when biathletes really start to check how their hard summer training is paying off: so do not be surprised if you see a lot of photos from competitions on roller skis on their social media pages. Obviously, the one that is already history was the Blinkfestivalen, but it was not the only event worth attention of the world of tweets and posts.

Time to get "serious"

There is no need to wrap the results of the famous Norwegian Kermesse, when we have an article that does that. But it is fairly clear that our athletes enjoyed the highly competitiveness of the event and the great support by the public, so here's some of the best posts from Blink.

But prior to it, Deggendorf, in Germany, also featured an impressive field for a great show of summer biathlon.

But still enjoying Summer

Maybe this was the key to success for Hanna Oeberg, who picked up her mass start form from where she left in Oslo, by winning in Sandnes. Look, isn't this the best way to be mentally ready for a hard fight on track?

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The struggle is real🌊🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♂️

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And for sure, looking for a nice and cold stream of water is what most are hoping for during these hot summer days in the North Hemisphere, just like Tomas Krupcik we'd all jump in.

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Den 86. Jsem rád, že to mám dneska za sebou. Tréninky přitvrdily a v tom horku je to náročný. Aspoň, že se tu dá zchladit skoro kdekoliv ve zdejších říčkách a jezírkách. Po tvrdým tréninku neexistuje lepší regenerace, než se naložit do ledový vody. * I am glad the day is over. Trainings got harder and and the temperatures are not making it easier. Fortunately there are lot of rivers and little lakes with ice cold water. They are the best reward after training. #sport #training #hardwork #biathlon #ceskybiatlon #dyckybiatlon #trénink #mojesezona #photooftheday #fitness #instagood #motivation  #regenerace #fun #healthy #noexcuses #jedemedal #biatlonjeboj

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Maybe not to the levels of Canmore, but all winter fans are surely counting the days separating us from the first snowfall.

​Friends... or more

July 30th was in the International Day of Friendship, which we celebrated collecting some of our favourite stories in biathlon. But a week later, we still like to check how our athletes hang out with each other, showing that true friendships can be built through sport.

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Settlers could start a world war.

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But not only friends, this week we assisted to the wedding of Vytautas Strolia, whom we want to wish all the best for his married life.

Visualizza questo post su Instagram mūsų pasaka įgavo naują pagreitį. Diena, kurią atsiminsiu visą gyvenimą, vardan šios nuostabios moters stovinčios šalia ir nuostabių artimiausių žmonių, kurie yra nuolat šalia ir kurie mus papildo kiekviename žingsnyje. Aš esu neapsakomai laimingas savo gyvenimu ir dabar ta laime galėsiu dalintis su pačiu brangiausiu žmogumi - @vildastroliene . O ši šventė man buvo kažkas nuostabaus!! Ačiū visiems svečiams, kurie mūsų šventę darė nuostabią!! Kaip vienas žmogus su patirtimi pasakė - jūsų kompanija tai užims vietą top - 3 😁❤ ačiū tau. Tavo dėka savo šventę galėsim atsiminti visada!! @ericjank tavo video mums padės atsiminti visas mūsų šventės smulkmenas - ačiū!! @svajoniudvaras ačiū už šiltą bendravimą, priėmimą. Jūsų dėka, mūsų šventės kulminacija buvo nepamirštama. #tiemuzikantai @tomasjanukenas ir Edvardas. Jūs buvote tiesiog nuostabūs. Neapsakomai džiaugiuosi, kad Jūs buvote su mumis. @saldipasakaukmerge ah.. Jūsų tortas mūsų šventei davė pasakiško skonio!! #Stroliai 🤵👰❤

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Congratulations to Johannes and Hedda Dæhli Boe, who will be a family of three in January 2020!

Yet, training goes on

With only a few months separating us from the start of the next biathlon season, athletes are pushing themself to the hardest in order to find that little extra to make it a memorable year. Sometimes, in order to do so, they push too hard, but failing is part of the process.

Some other times, it's motivation finding you...