Wednesday Social Wrap 

Wednesday Social Wrap 

The fortnight appointment with news from the social world is back and there is plenty to choose from: hard trainings, non-biathlon gruelling competitions, photo shootings and graduations. So, let's splash together into the best posts from the past two weeks.

Contests and Votes

Not only athletes are active during the summer, but federations and organizations are too. So don't forget to follow all your favourite biathletes and teams, because surprises are always bound to happen. For example, you can make yours these amazing game cards if you join the contest run by the Estonian Biathlon Team (but if you are not one of the lucky winners, you can always order a set of those cards here - the page is in Estonian, but translating softwares are doing a good job, also people running their social media handles will be happy to help!).

Or, instead of looking for a prize, you can help an athletes winning one! That's the case of Denise Herrmann, nominated for the "Goldene Henne". On that topic, it looks like Denise does not only rock on difficult tracks, she can rule on the red carpet too!

​Accidents and Recoveries

In the space of a couple of weeks, Anais Bescond has gone through a small injury to her knee, yet it did not stop her from training, though for now it's all about cycling for her.

Thankfully, with the Tour de France on, she is not missing some inspiration! We still wish her to be healthy soon and back on full regime of training as soon as possible.

​Not Only Biathlon

The past two years we ran a beloved campaign called "Biathlete and...", because our stars are indeed more than terrific biathletes. They all cultivate the most various passions. For example, IBU World Champion Dmytro Pidruchnyi loves reading.

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Одне з моїх найулюбленіших занять - читати книжки! Поринати у світ, вигаданий автором😻 а іноді не такий вже й вигаданий😏 зараз моїм улюбленим автором є Стівен Кінг! Прочитав вже не одну книгу, і кожна захоплює до останньої сторінки! А декілька днів тому розпочав нову - «Лангольєри»🙊 з першої сторінки не можливо відірватися!! Розкажіть, що зараз читаєте? Маєте улюблених авторів чи улюблені книги?🤔

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For sure, Alex Cisar and Jessica Jislova had to do a lot of reading to get to this special day. Congratulations to both for following up successfully their studies.

Different Sports, Different Goals

Be it tied together like Lukas Hofer and Dorothea Wierer, or on a relay like Kaisa Makarainen, our athletes are engaging in a lot of challenging competitions these days and scoring quite some impressive results too!

While some (former) others are showing off some outstanding skills in climbing... not that we did not know about Laura Dahlmeier's love for epic quests!

​Future Sports Stars?

Taking time to inspire younger generation is indeed one of the things we love the most to see on social and Jakov Fak does never disappoint. The Slovenian met, alongside with other team-mates, young kids and trained them. Pretty sure, it was a day to remember for them.

A little further, in the meantime, Nadzeya Pisareva became a mother and little after started training again. Congratulations from the whole biathlon family and for sure the kid is already admiring a dedicated sports athlete!

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#Walking 🌲🌳🌸#Лето 2019

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​Happy National Day, Belgium!

One of fan's favourite relay sensations, the small team of Belgium has made a name for themselves in the past few seasons and they are working hard to keep improving... even on a national holiday!