Wednesday Social Wrap

Wednesday Social Wrap

Even if the astronomic calendars will tell you that Summer has not yet started, most in central Europe would feel to disagree and, likewise around the world, majority of biathletes is already knee deep into their new training cycles. 

 Sadly, not everyone is experiencing their best June and some dark clouds have covered the bright June sun somewhere, figuratively and not.

We know the answer, but do you? (Way to go, Emily Dickson!)

​All the best for a quick recovery!

Both Erik Lesser and Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen needed to undergo surgery in the past few days: the German fast shooter suffered a collarbone fracture following a mountain bike crash. He nonetheless did not lose his usual sense of humour and let us all know his bike was absolutely fine.

For the Norwegian revelation from the past season, instead, the surgery was done to take care of an old problem to his left knee. A good outcome should help him train better for longer stretches of time, compared to what happened in these past four years.

​Mums and Dads

We all know how tough mothers in biathlon are: we have had so many great examples in the past years and, most recently, Canada's Megan Tandy is also showing that it's a path well worth following.

Likewise, we have a lot of great dads too and for some of them (depending on the country), it was their day to celebrate on Sunday.

​How about Summer trainings?

Yes, Ivona, we know the pain that you all get your bodies through during these hot months, but it will pay off in a few months off when the new season will kick in! On that topic, most World Cup stages have opened their ticket selling, so check them out to start dreaming of cooler days with biathlon!

It also must be said, that those are the days when you can also enjoy some quite uncommon activities for a winter sport athlete. Just follow Lena Haecki's advice:

We are pretty sure, that's what the Finnish team also thought when they decided to go for a different kind of team day in the warm long days of the North.

But you may have noticed someone is missing... this because Laura Toivanen has decided to call it a career. Thanks Laura for being one of the nicest girls out there on the tour. Hopefully, we will still see you around even if not with skis and rifles at the starting gate.

If the Finns are enjoying sunny days, not everywhere up North is quite the same, ask Marte Olsbu Roeiseland.

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God sommer ❄ #sommerstreik?

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While some other people find themselves enjoying some cooling down from the very hot temperatures that are characterizing these days.

​Rest In Peace, Artemii

At last, we want to close this rather light story with the saddest of news as we thought silence is the best thing to follow the messages we would never like to receive. We would like to send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Artemii Khasankaev, who passed away recently during a training camp.