Social Wrap-up: Summer Holiday Vibes

Social Wrap-up: Summer Holiday Vibes

It is mid-July; training has been in full swing for more than two months. It has been a continuous diet of long cycling tours, hours of roller-skiing, first test races and hundreds of shots fired. Next on the agenda: a few days or maybe a week of R&R to absorb some summer sun, enjoy a nice relaxed meal and put biathlon on the back burner. Take a peek at a few summer holiday vibes posted recently on social media.

Irene's Sunny Smile

The Italian team had some days off before returning to camp this week in Antholz. A few days ago, Irene Lardschneider put on her shades for a big smile titled “Summer Days at Home.”

Tarjei, High above Stryn

Tarjei Boe’s holiday week was the perfect time to spend some time with family and girlfriend Gita Simonsen in the mountains above his hometown of Stryn. In this post from a perch high above the village, he said, “Stryn, the most beautiful place in the world.”

Kaisa’s White Dress

Retiree Kaisa Makarainen is enjoying every moment of her first summer away from biathlon. She recently took a holiday trip in a camper, commenting that it was her first summer holiday since childhood. She celebrated with a romp through the forest in a vintage white dress.

Simon Schempp…Carpenter

Relaxation can come in many forms. Simon Schempp showed that he is a man of many talents, posing beside his hand-crafted solid wood cabinet calling the project, “Vacation employment.”

Hanna Oeberg “Trigger Instinct”

Of course some athletes never stray too far from the sport. In the case of Hanna Oeberg, days off meant the opportunity to work on her hand-eye coordination and squeezing the trigger at the exact moment to crush a few clay pigeons…and maybe get ready for some fall hunting or even the Summer Olympic Games in a new sport. She called it “working on the trigger instinct.”

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Working on the trigger instinct💥

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Fishing with Erlend Bjoentegaard

It is pretty hard to keep biathletes indoors at any time of the year, especially when it is in a beauty spot like northwest coast of Norway near Torghatten. Although it looks a bit more like fall than mid-summer, Erlend Bjoentegaard was enjoying every minute of his fishing trip. The question is, “Did he catch anything for dinner?”

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Vita Semerenko’s Family Beach Holiday

From Norway’s chilly climes, we take a big jump to a beach holiday with Vita Semerenko and her family. It is nothing but sun, sand, floating in the sea and playgrounds for the Olympic Gold medalist, husband Andriy and 3 ½ year-old son Mark. Semerenko titled her post, “Sea, sun and water are our best friends.”

Dominik Windisch’s Sardinian Idyll

Dominik Windisch picked a less crowded seaside for his holiday trip with fiancé Julia. It was nothing but blue skies and pure relaxation and the Mediterranean on his Sardinia holiday idyll.

Sardegna 😍 #italia #sardegna #holiday #italy

Posted by Windisch Dominik on Thursday, July 16, 2020

Maren Hammerschmidt: “Tan, Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

Our summer vibes social posts closes with Maren Hammerschmidt who is spending her rest days as they should be, doing nothing, but as she says, “Tan, eat, sleep, repeat,” instead of “Train, eat, sleep, repeat!”

Thanks to Irene Lardschneider, Tarjei Boe, Kaisa Makarainen, Simon Schempp, Hanna Oeberg, Erlend Bjoentegaard, Vita Semerenko, Dominik Windisch and Maren Hammerschmidt for their summer social media posts.