Social Wrap-up: Rolling into August

Social Wrap-up: Rolling into August

Summer seems to be flying by. It has been filled with training camps, holidays, family time, cycling and roller skiing steep mountains passes, sunny hot days and equally wet cold days. Now the calendar has flipped; we are rolling into August with a quick look at how what some people have been doing in the first few days of the new month.

Swiss Men in the Italian Sun

The Swiss men’s team kicked of the new month in northern Italy, with a gallery of their adventures: “Greetings from Valdidentro: Impressions from the men's training course under the Italian sun.”

Grüsse aus dem Valdidentro: Impressionen vom Trainingskurs der Herren unter der italienischen Sonne :-) #swissbiathlon

Posted by Swiss Biathlon Team on Monday, August 3, 2020

Russian Ladies Photo-bombed…by a Dog

While the Swiss men were enjoying the thin air of Italy, the Russian Women’s Team and newly minted coach Alexi Volkov were enjoying a similar panorama during a mountain hike in Sochi. And… they were photo-bombed by a dog who wanted a pic with the team to show his friends!

Doro and Magdalena on Antholzer See

Of course, not everyone was training all of the time up in the mountains. Dorothea Wierer and her sister Magdalena spent a brilliant blue Saturday afternoon on the Antholzer See relaxing and soaking the sun up the on their paddle boards.

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No Heat Wave in Norway

At the same time the Swiss men, Russian ladies and Doro were basking in the sun, 1900 km north, coach Siegfried Mazet was standing in the rain during a training session in Norway. The scene is not very summery prompting the always quotable coach to say. “A little heat wave won’t hurt!”

Berry Picking: Stina the Spectator

Although it was pouring rain in Norway, over in Sweden new biathlete Stina Nilsson was out in the forest in short sleeves and her pink Wellingtons looking very satisfied. “The others pick berries. I’m watching. Someone has to do it too…”

The Fragrance of Summer

Our official IBU Photographers may not be covering any competitions this summer, but their cameras are not sitting in a closet either. Petr Slavik who also is the Official photographer for Czech Biathlon was out and about with his family on Monday posting this. If you breathe deeply, his caption might come to life. “Summer-Flower-Rider the fragrance of summer”

Monday Morning Lactate Party for Vanessa and Co

August is not starting with sunshine and flowers for everyone, the German ladies in Livigno, Italy not for the shopping but for a new training camp. The literally rolled into the month with as Vanessa Hinz commented, “Lactate party Monday morning? This is how the week starts.”

Erik’s Oberhof Monument

While the German ladies were suffering in Livigno’s thin air, Erik Lesser was back home in Oberhof, standing a small plaque honoring his biathlon career. “Thanks to my Hometown Oberhof I am proud of a small monument.”

Julia Simon Rolls into August

To close out this edition, Julia Simon took our theme to heart, rolling downhill into the new month with a little flying leap on her mountain bike. “Watch out, I let go of the brakes!”

Thanks to Swiss Biathlon Team, Russian Biathlon, Dorothea Wierer, Siegfried Mazet, Stina Nilsson, Petr Slavik, Vanessa Hinz, Erik Lesser, and Julia Simon for their social media posts.