Social-Wrap: The Last Days of Summer

Social-Wrap: The Last Days of Summer

The last days of summer are passing by and the athletes are trying to catch the last rays of sunshine. Others are already in the autumn mood. Here is our review of the "best" posts from the world of social media.

Last Woman Standing
Bettan Hogberg took advantage of the warm temperatures for a trip with the SUP. However, her caption said, "Last week it was a bikini...This week starts with a down jacket being picked up. Does that mean the season is near?"

Tour de Laura
While the cycling pros in France are fighting over the Yellow Jersey, Laura Dahlmeier has been on her own tour. She cycled from hometown of Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the Mediterranean Sea. It's a good thing she didn't want to beat the best time this time. So there was more time to enjoy the view and delicious food.

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Hey Folks, For a while I have been hiding a part of who I am, and I no longer want to use that physical and emotional energy to conceal something that I am proud of. So here goes: I’m gay. So why am I choosing to announce that I’m gay? What’s the big deal? Why come out on social media? Because I think representation across the board in sports, arts, politics, and every other area matters. I know that we don’t live in a society that both accepts and celebrates all marginalized communities… yet. My hope is that through continuing to acknowledge diversity as a benefit and not a detriment, everyone can choose to live as themselves, be treated with kindness, and recognize that every individual can make an impact. l have big dreams as a biathlete, and would like to do everything I can to be able to train and compete at my best. A necessary part of that is taking care of myself and living as authentically as possible. I don’t like to take up space, but I want to use the privilege that I have as a high performance athlete, development coach, and role model to do my part to show younger athletes that they can be whomever they are, or want to be, without discrimination. I owe a lot to all the folks (in particular the high performance athletes) that have come out before me, and I think it is important to recognize that they have all broken down some barriers and started conversations. Without these leaders, my decision to come out publicly and my journey thus far would have undoubtedly been more challenging. Finally, I would like to recognize all of the support I have received as I have started to invite people in to who I truly am. I have been given so much kindness and encouragement from my friends, family, teammates and staff within my community. It has really meant a lot to me to know that I am loved for who I am, so thank you folks! Photos: @davehollandpics & @emdickson23 #stillmegan #justmoremegan #calgarypride #lgbtqia2splus 🏳️‍🌈

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No More Hiding
Megan Bankes made a statement that took a lot of courage but it is another important step toward accepting diversity in sports. Respect! She writes, "My hope is that through continuing to acknowledge diversity as a benefit and not a detriment, everyone can choose to live as themselves, be treated with kindness, and recognize that every individual can make an impact."

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Can you imagine navigating modern-day life without the basic ability to read and write? - I would be definitely lost. Today is the International Literacy day. To remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights. I'm glad to being able read and write since I was 5 yrs old, visiting regularly (kind of Kindergarten;)) my grandmother's class in the small village school. * Nowadays I can write, read and speak in several languages and that's a pure joy.❣️🤗 When somebody asks what books do you recommend, I often say: *Erik Bertrand Larssen - No mercy. Be your best with mental training. (Important part of my biathlon career highlights and mental strength) *Aki Hintsa - the Core - Better Life, Better Performance. (My philosophy of holistic wellbeing is based on Aki's book, useful in sport and working life) *Anders Hansen - The real happy pill/Brain power. (What about to power up your brain by moving your body - The very related topic of my Master's Thesis.) Go out, have a break and read - everyday! Rest of the recommendations you should ask from the Boss @mikapoutala 😃🤓😋 #400bookscompleted #chooseyourpath #livelovematter #huntyourdreams #reading #literacyday

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Must-Reads for Rainy Autumn Days
Reading and writing is very important! On World Literary Day, Laura Toivanen remembers how she learned to read and also offers tips for books whose reading has made her life easier.

Raindrops Falling on my Head
While we're on speaking of rainy days: The male starters experienced a day of this sort at the Open German Championships in Altenberg. While the women escaped dry before, the men's sprint competition turned into a wet affair. The Swiss Joscha Burkhalter thinks positive: "After the rain, the sun is shining", he writes. Right attitude!

Arrived in Autumn
Norway's Lars Helge Birkeland and his wife Fannie have already left the summer behind them. The two went hunting in the south of Norway. They were rewarded with a fantastic view. What do you think Birkeland is aiming for next season?

Thanks for the pictures and videos: Bettan Högberg, Laura Dahlmeier, Megan Bankes, Laura Toivanen, Joscha Burkhalter and Lars Helge Birkeland.