Reallocation of 3rd IBU Junior Cup

Reallocation of 3rd IBU Junior Cup

The 3rd Junior Cup of the current season cannot be held in Torsby (SWE) as planned due to lack of snow. To keep the logistical changes as little as possible the IBU decided to reallocate the mentioned event to Sjusjoen (NOR). The competition program of both, Junior Cup 3 and the JOECH in the following week in Sjusjoen remain unchanged.

IBU Junior Cup 3


Feb 28th - Thursday – OT

March 1st - Friday – SP M & W

March 2nd - Saturday – SP M & W

March 3rd - Sunday - TR

March 4th - Monday - TR

JOECH 2019


March 5th - Tuesday - OT

March 6th - Wednesday – IND JM & JW

March 7th - Thursday – SMR & MR

March 8th - Friday - OT

March 9th - Saturday – SP M & W

March 10th - Sunday – PUR M & W

The IBU expressively thanks the National Federation of NOR and the Organising Committee in Sjusjoen for their willingness and efforts to take over this event on short notice.