Philipp Nawrath and Elisabeth Hoegberg Take IBU Cup Pursuits

Philipp Nawrath and Elisabeth Hoegberg Take IBU Cup Pursuits

Philipp Nawrath of Germany won the men’s pursuit today at IBU Cup 1 in Sjusjoen with a single penalty in 32:22.8. Later in the day, Elisabeth Hoegberg of Sweden finished first in the women’s competition with two penalties in 31:07.6.

Men’s Pursuit

Yesterday’s sprint winner Fredrik Gjesbakk of Norway finished second with two penalties, 27.2 seconds back, while another German Lucas Fratzscher matched his start number 3 with third place and three penalties, 33.3 seconds behind.

Endre Stroemsheim moved from 19th start position to fourth at the finish with two penalties, 42.2 seconds back. Russia’s Said Karimulla Khalili was fifth with a single penalty, 59.0 seconds behind. His teammate Vasilii Tomshin with bib 20 finished sixth with two penalties, 1:02 back.

First Pursuits

The final competition day in Sjusjoen kicked off with the first season’s pursuit under very good weather conditions: no wind and the temperature around -6C. Leaving the starting gate with a 20-second lead over the pack, Gjesbakk kept his first position until the final shooting. He missed once at the third stage, adding one more penalty at the last standing, which saw him dropping to the second place.

Philipp Nawrath and Elisabeth Hoegberg Take IBU Cup Pursuits

While his rivals were making mistakes, Nawrath, bib 4, took advantage. With one penalty at the first standing, he was perfect in the last shooting, which was the price of today’s win. He left the stadium almost 25 ahead of Gjesbakk, calmly keeping this gap until the finish line. This win became second for the German, as last year he also finished first in the pursuit competition at the first IBU Cup stage in Idre, Sweden.

Three Podiums in Three Competitions

Like Gjesbakk, Fratzscher also started his competition from a perfect first prone, nevertheless, the next three stages saw him collecting three penalties: one at every bout. Still, the German, who stayed on the podium in the first two competitions, was fast enough today to overcome the penalty loops and keep his start number 3 at finish. Despite having three podiums in three competitions, Fratzscher is currently second in the IBU Cup Total Score, while Gjesbakk takes the lead with just one point advantage over the German.

Philipp Nawrath and Elisabeth Hoegberg Take IBU Cup Pursuits

Women’s Pursuit

Irina Starykh, the winner of the women’s sprint, finished second with just one penalty, 15.4 seconds behind Hoegberg. Third place went to her teammate Ekaterina Glazyrina with one penalty, 19.4 seconds back.

Norway’s Synnoeve Solemdal moved up from the 19th start position to fourth with a single penalty, 46.6 seconds behind. Irene Cadurisch of Switzerland was fifth with one penalty, 55.2 seconds back, while sixth place went to bib 14 Natalia Gerbulova with two penalties, 1:13.8 behind.

Philipp Nawrath and Elisabeth Hoegberg Take IBU Cup Pursuits

Battle for Second and Third

The same calm conditions remained during the women’s competition, allowing the athletes to shoot well. Starting her competition with bib 5 and one penalty at the first shooting, Hoegberg was perfect at the next two stages. She moved up to the first position before the final standing, entering the range with more than a 20-second gap from the rivals. The Swede missed the last target but was fast enough to cover the penalty loop, while others were still on the range.

While Hoegberg had a confident advantage and no one challenging her, the battle for the second and third places was on. With one penalty each, Glazyrina and Starykh left the final standing 3 seconds apart. On the final lap bib 1 Starykh showed great skiing, overcoming her teammate and finishing second. This result helped the Russian to take the first place in the IBU Cup Total Score with a 2-point advantage over Hoegberg.

Philipp Nawrath and Elisabeth Hoegberg Take IBU Cup Pursuits

Photos: Jan Rune Bakkelund