Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

Norway with Thekla Brun-Lie and Martin Femsteinevik  won the single mixed relay at IBU Cup 8 this morning with eleven spares in 34:29.0. Later in the day, Germany with Karolin Horchler, Marion Deigentesch, Matthias Dorfer and David Zobel won the mixed relay with only seven spares in 1:14:34.6.

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

Single Mixed Relay

Second place went to Sweden with wo penalties and fourteen spare rounds, 21.5 seconds back. Germany finished third with 1 penalty and eleven spares, 54.6 seconds behind.

Russia finished fourth, Austria followed in fifth, while France took sixth place.

Strong Wind

The  end-of-season IBU Cup 8 in Oteppa kicked off with a single mixed relay under  tough windy conditions on the range for 29 competing teams.

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

In the first leg, the squads stayed together with Germany and Great Britain leading the pack. They reached the first exchange, sharing the lead, followed by Belarus, Norway and Russia, all within 10 seconds. After the men’s leg, where Britain’s Scott Dixon went for a penalty and fell out of contention, Sweden was in first, with Belarus and Norway behind. Germany’s Dominic Reiter used three spares and dropped to fourth, while Russia’s Alexey Volkov went for two penalties. Due to the strong wind gusts on the range, shooting was a real challenge for the athletes. Brun-Lie became the only women from the top teams, who did not go to the penalty loop after standing. Collecting three penalties, Belarus’ Mariya Panfilova fell down to eigth, losing the chance for a podium spot. At the final exchange, Norway and Sweden occupied the first two positions, with 11 seconds separating them. Femsteinevik managed to shot clean on the last prone and increased his lead over the rivals. With three used spares, Tobias Arwidson followed him 30.5 seconds back, while Volkov and Reiter were almost a minute behind. Despite two spares at the final standing, Femsteinevik left the range with a confident lead. Arwidson shot clean, leaving Germany and Russia battle for the last podium spot. Reiter had only one miss, while Volkov had to use all three spares, losing by that third place.

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

Great Fun

Brun-Lie commented on their win, “I feel very good; it was fun to run with Martin. This discipline fits me really good and I like it. The last standing was hard because of the wind, but in general I am satisfied with the shooting.”

Femsteinevik added, “I am really happy because I was very nervous before the race. It is really good to win with a teammate, it’s a great fun. It was my first single mixed relay ever and I enjoyed it.”

Mixed Relay

After Germany, Norway finished in second with one penalty and six spares, 20.8 seconds back. Third place went to Ukraine, which also had a penalty and used twelve spare rounds, 39.9 seconds behind.

Russia finished fourth, France fifth and Sweden was sixth.

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

Solid Performance

Eighteen teams lined up for the mixed relay this afternoon at Tehvandi stadium. Wind gusts, which remained during the second competition of the day, brought many troubles for the athletes, causing a lot of missed shots. In the first leg, the teams stayed close to each other with six athletes coming to the exchange within 15 seconds. Germany was in first with Sweden second and Russia in third. Ukraine’s Olympic champion Vita Semerenko, her first after a 2.5 year break, returned on the track with a solid performance; with two used spares, she handed over fifth with a 9.5 seconds gap. After the second prone the group stayed together with some changes after  standing. Russia left in the lead, followed by Ukraine and Norway. On the track, Russia’s Valeriia Vasnetcova and Ukraine’s Iana Bondar increased their gap on third place, finding themselves 21.3 seconds ahead of the Norwegian at the second exchange.

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays


At the third standing stage Norway’s Sindre Pettersen went for a penalty, leaving the stadium 46.2 seconds behind Russia, Germany and Ukraine. Those three came for the last exchange together, handing over to their teammates, who restarted the battle for the podium. At the final prone Zobel took advantage of Kirill Streltsov and Ruslan Tkalenko misses, leaving in the lead. The last shooting became decisive for the second and third positions. The young German used all spares, but still left in first because Russian and Ukrainian were troubled by wind gusts, taking their time to shoot. This gave an opportunity for Norway’s Frederik Gjesbakk to close the 40-second gap he had behind third place. The Norwegian shot fast and clean, while Streltsov and Tkalenko went for a penalty loop. On the last lap, the  Russian and Ukrainian were dueling for the third place until the final meters with Tkalenko crossing finish line .5 seconds ahead of Streltsov.

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

Happy Ending

Deigentesch was very glad about the win and satisfied with her performance today, “At the prone it was okay for me, but at the standing it was so hard to shoot, I needed all spares and very happy that I managed to hit all targets.”

Norway and Germany Win IBU Cup Mixed Relays

Dorfer admitted that he was worried before the start, “Before the race I did not know where I was standing. I was ill last week and did not compete for four weeks, but I felt really good on the track. At standing I was very nervous for David because he was missing, but happy ending for us.”