Marie & Martin Win Single Mixed Relay

Marie & Martin Win Single Mixed Relay

Team France with Marie Dorin Habert and Martin Fourcade dominated the single mixed relay this evening, with a confident win in 31.41.7 , using four spares. Austria’s Lisa Hauser and Simon Eder finished second, 23 seconds back with six spares. Germany’s duet of Franziska Preuss and Erik Lesser was third, 33.8 seconds back with five spares.

Marie & Martin Win Single Mixed Relay

26 teams
26 nations battled for spots on the podium in the single mixed relay on the opening day of BMW IBU World Cup in Östersund. Nevertheless, it was only three teams France, Austria and Germany contended for the podium.  Franziska Preuss started strong, tagging her teammate Lesser in first, while Dorin Habert missed shots in the standing, which Fourcade's powerful skiing negated.

Hauser Takes her Chance

In the third leg, Dorin Habert pulled away from the rest of the field, but her missed shot in standing gave a chance to Austria’s Lisa Theresa Hauser, who cleaned, giving her team the lead at the final exchange.

Fourcade Dominates Final Leg

In prone, Simon Eder used two spares. From that point, it was about Austria defending second place rather than battling for the win. Fourcade fast skiing left his competitors no chance as he crossed the finish line first, with Eder and Lesser chasing him.

The French star commented, “The Single Mixed Relay is that kind of competition when you have to be in both: good shooter and good skier. I am satisfied about my fast prone shooting.” On the conditions, he added,“The snow was very icy, and it was not very easy to ski. On top of this, it was pretty windy, which is pretty common here in Östersund.”

Marie & Martin Win Single Mixed Relay

Good beginning

Dorin Habert on the win, “It is a good beginning of the season. I just have to be more aggressive on the shooting. In this discipline you shoot a lot, it has more speed and dynamic change.”

Regarding motivation, she added, “Before it was difficult to leave home, but once I put on the bib the motivation is back. My big aim is the Olympics next year.”

Lesser admitted he probably was not the man who could beat Fourcade. “I was satisfied about my skiing and shooting. I knew that Martin is stronger than me, but I had good tactics. In fact, I think we have one guy on our team who can beat Fourcade, and the rest will probably watch it.”