Karolin Horchler: “Grateful for Everything I’ve Experienced.”

Karolin Horchler: “Grateful for Everything I’ve Experienced.”

Karolin Horchler looks back at the 2014-15 season knowing that it was special; the best in her career that dates back to 2008. She had five podiums including four victories in a row; plus two relay podiums. This year Horchler moved to the World Cup and made it to the podium twice in relays. She capped this season with two more IBU Cup podiums and two Silver medals at the IBU OECH in Tyumen.

Karolin Horchler: “Grateful for Everything I’ve Experienced.”

It is probably not just the hard work and every day hours of training that had made her successful. Part of the success is hidden in her life, communication with people and in other small things. It is also really important to take life and sport with the sense of humor. Karolin combines all that; she has time for sports, for friends and family, she can take it easy or to be very persistent, she can enjoy her life. It is no wonder that her dreams and goals, which she held for many, started to become reality.

Biathlonworld: How and why did you decide to do biathlon?
Karolin Horchler: The answer, as a decision on that, is easy – I came to biathlon after my older sister Nadine who is a biathlete as well. At the age of 6, I and my other twin sister Kristin started with the cross-country skiing. Later, when I was 12 years old I changed to biathlon. That sport gave me so much pleasure, so I just wanted to become better and better, wanted to improve and to achieve high results.

BW: Did Kristin continue to compete?
KH: No, unfortunately seven years ago she quit biathlon, so just two sisters are left, Nadine and me.

BW: You went to biathlon after your older sister, but what did you want to become when you were a kid?
KH: Hard to tell. I guess, as a child I didn’t have any specials wishes or ideas about who I want to become later...

BW: Do you remember your first big and important achievements?
KH: Sure, I do. I remember how I competed, and my first international medal at the Junior World Championships 2010 in Torsby. I finished second in the individual competition and shot clean in all four ranges! It was a very emotional moment for me, as well as the whole event.

Karolin Horchler: “Grateful for Everything I’ve Experienced.”

If we talk about sport, my biggest dream will definitely be – to take part in Olympic Games and to win a medal there.

BW: You shoot clean really often, is it your strongest side?
KH: Yes, I would say that shooting anyways is my strongest side. From the beginning of my career I could shoot especially well. Maybe one of the small secrets is that I really like to shoot and it gives me a lot of pleasure to close all the targets, to be as accurate as I can. But I cannot say that I do not like to run, I do. Just here I can improve my skills more and more, year by year.

BW: So, probably the favorite competition is with four stages?
KH: Yes. I guess I perform best of all in pursuits and not just because of the shooting. I like competing side-by-side with my rivals on the tracks.

BW: What do you like in biathlon and what is the hardest?
KH: I think that the most interesting thing in biathlon is the change between running and shooting. Those sports are so different, but at the same time, the athlete who can combine them well together – will succeed and will be the best.

BW: Maybe there is something negative?
KH: I cannot say that there is something negative, but what I do not like in such way, it’s the mountain bike during summer trainings.

BW: You are very positive and smiling person, probably you had funny moments during the competitions?
KH: I think that almost every athlete has funny situations during the career. The last one that has happened to me was at the final IBU Cup in Martell in the previous season. It was a mixed relay and I had an amusing moment at the beginning of the competition. I was the first leg runner; the snow in the start area was so deep, so when the gun went off, I wanted to start the race, but my pole got stuck! It was funny, but I couldn’t take it out from the snow, and just had to run without it and to push with one pole…

BW: Every person has to have some rest after the hard work. What do you like to do at your free time?
KH: Probably like every athlete can say; we don’t have too much free time. I like to spend it with my family and friends; I just try to enjoy my days off and don’t waste the time. But most of all I like to stay with my twin sister. Also I’m fond of going away to foreign countries.

BW: Other than biathlon, what are you good at?
KH: Hard to say… But I like to cook with my friends and best of all I can bake.

BW: What is your biggest dream?
KH: If we talk about sport, my biggest dream will definitely be – to take part in Olympic Games and to win a medal there. And privately – to go through life healthy and happy; to look back one day in future and to be grateful for everything I’ve experienced.

1. Favorite book? “Das ultimative Geschenk”
2. Movie? “Intouchables”
3. Food? Sushi
4. Competition Venue? Canmore
5. Competition? Pursuit
6. Country? Canada
7. Place for rest? Garden
8. Singer, song? James Blunt; “Another Love from Tom Odell”
9. Flowers? Gerber Daisies
10. Winter and summer sports? Kayak, Alpine Skiing
11. Subject at school? Biology
12. Idol in biathlon? Ole Einar Björndalen
13. Hobby? Meet with friends, reading
14. First thing you will do in a free time? Paragliding
15. If you had a chance to meet someone for one day who would it be? Angela Merkel
16. What don’t you like in people the most? Not being on time.
17. Three main advantages in your character? Focused, honest, very kind, consciousness for body, soul and mind.

Karolin Horchler: “Grateful for Everything I’ve Experienced.”
Karolin Horchler: “Grateful for Everything I’ve Experienced.”