Juniors Open Their Season in Lenzerheide

Juniors Open Their Season in Lenzerheide

The program at the first IBU Junior Cup of the new season in Lenzerheide, Switzerland included one official training day and four competitions. During the event, the junior athletes showed their skills in the individual and sprint. The shooting range in Lenzerheide is special; in the morning the sun comes from the back meaning no bright sun directly into the eyes! The venue was great and welcomed all the teams and spectators with stunning views.

The venue was definitely ready to host the competitions. IBU Junior Cup Race Director Arne Eidam was happy with the conditions. "I think Lenzerheide is ready for the competitions. They have enough snow and very good course and stadium conditions."

The fight against doping is of high importance to the IBU; for that reason the new educational e-learning program was launched. Moreover, athletes who wish to compete in the 2019 IBU Youth and Junior World Championships have to complete the e-learning course focusing on the topic of anti-doping beforehand. IBU Anti-Doping Coordinator Lucie Rothauer conducted a seminar on the topic for the athletes.

The weather conditions in Lenzerheide for the first competition day were quite good. It was a bit on the cold side, but the sun and quiet wind conditions made the competitions really enjoyable.

The first set of the medals was awarded after the junior men's 15K individual. The Swiss team had a reason to be very happy. Sebastian Stalder took the Silver behind Gold medalist Patrick Braunhofer of Italy and in front of Martin Bourgeois Republique of France.

The top three in the junior women's 12.5K individual made the teams and fans of France, Russia and Germany very happy!

For the interviews with the winners, visit our Twitter account: www.twitter.com/IBU_Junior. There are also interviews with athletes who did not win this time, but who have what it takes to climb to the top.

For the second day the weather conditions changed slightly. The junior men still had the sunshine, but instead of -11, the temperature was -4. By the time  junior women's sprint started, the sun had gone away and the temperature had risen to -0,9.

No matter the gray weather, the girls were shiny as ever! The top 3 of the junior women's 7.5K sprint were from France and Germany.

For the men, the podium was taken by athletes from Russia, Slovenia and once again France.

Thank you Lenzerheide for the great season premiere!

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