International Biathlon Union gathers Members’ Feedback on Draft Constitution & Strategic Plan

International Biathlon Union gathers Members’ Feedback on Draft Constitution & Strategic Plan

Salzburg, 15 July 2019: The International Biathlon Union (IBU) Executive Board today finalised the first draft of the new IBU Constitution and first-of-its-kind Strategic Plan, and will send it to the 55 full and two provisional IBU National Federations for their feedback.

IBU President Olle Dahlin said:

When the Executive Board and I had the honour of being elected at last year’s Congress, we made a commitment to reform the IBU and update our Constitution in line with international best practice. We also committed to creating a Strategic Plan which would guide biathlon’s future and realise our sport’s huge potential.

We promised that these endeavours would be undertaken collaboratively and embrace the views of our members and stakeholders. We are therefore delighted to share the first draft of the new Constitution and the Strategic Plan with our National Federations and to deliver on these promises.

A key element of the new Constitution will be the proposal to establish an independent Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU), which will centrally manage all integrity-related matters concerning biathlon.

Jonathan Taylor, the IBU’s independent External Review Commission (ERC) chairperson, which has been mandated to recommend reforms to the IBU Constitution, said:

The IBU’s draft Constitution reflects best international practice and puts in place a strong structure to protect the integrity of the sport. The establishment of a Biathlon Integrity Unit implementing a state-of-the-art Integrity Code guarantees that all integrity-related matters concerning biathlon, including anti-doping as well as ethical breaches, are dealt with by a specialist body that is independent of the Executive Board and the IBU staff.

On other matters, the Executive Board received interim report #6 by the ERC, which can be found on the IBU website. The external auditing company KPMG presented its review of the IBU financial accounts for the past fiscal year, ending 30 April 2019. The auditors reported that the financial conduct was correct in all material respects.

The Executive Board further decided to raise IBU’s contributions to the Organizing Committees of the World Cups, Open European Championships and Youth and Junior World Championships and passed the Advertising Rules for 2019-2022.