Anna Weidel and Endre Stroemsheim Take IBU Cup Pursuits

Anna Weidel and Endre Stroemsheim Take IBU Cup Pursuits

The fourth IBU Cup concluded in Brezno-Osrblie with the pursuit competitions. In the season’s final women’s 10 km pursuit Anna Weidel of Germany earned one penalty proving to be the best winning in 26:13.7. It was a Norwegian sweep in the men’s 12.5 km pursuit with Endre Stroemsheim, with one penalty winning in 30:29.8, followed by Sivert Guttorm Bakken and Aleksander Fjeld Andersen in second and third.

Women's pursuit

Anna Kryvonos of Ukraine, also with one penalty finished second 9.4 seconds back After losing the lead with two penalties in the last standing, Norway’s Ragnhild Femsteinevik finished in third place, 15 seconds back.

Marthe Krakstad Johansen with one penalty finished fourth, 18.9 seconds back. Sweden's Ingela Andersson with three penalties finished fifth , 20.5 seconds back. Germany’s Juliane Fruehwirt claimed sixth place, with one penalty, 27.7 seconds back.

Three rounds of zeroes

Right from the start, Weidel had great confidence in her shooting. Cleaning the first prone put the German in third, 8.1 seconds behind the leader Andersson and only .5 seconds behind Femsteinevik. With others skiing faster, Weidel arrived at the second prone in fourth, 8.3 seconds behind the Swede. Andersson collected one penalty, opening the door for clean-shooters to take back seconds. Femsteinevik, Weidel and Kryvonos all cleaned to leave the shooting range first, second and third respectively.

Arriving at the first standing stage in the same order, all three once again closed all the targets to leave the range in the same order: Femsteinevik still first, Weidel 11.3 seconds back, Kryvonos 14.8 seconds back.

Femsteinevik crumbled, Weidel succeeded

Andersson made up her one penalty on the tracks, arriving at the final standing in second, 14.7 seconds behind the Norwegian. Weidel was third, Kryvonos fourth. Holding a fair lead, Feimsteinevik had only one assignment: not to earn more than one penalty, but unfortunately the Norwegian crumbled under pressure collecting two. With Andersson sharing the same fate, Weidel saw her chance to take the lead. Despite missing a perfect 20/20 today, Weidel is still the first one out from the penalty loop taking a 7.7-second lead on Kryvonos who also had earned a penalty from the final shooting bout. Holding up to the lead, Weidel claimed the win.

Pursuit Globe tie

Before the final pursuit, Vanessa Voigt of Germany held the lead in the IBU Cup Pursuit Score, but four penalties today and a 19th place finish opened the door for Weidel to earn the Crystal Globe. However, fate stepped in, with both women ending with the exact exactly same number of points resulting in a tie.

Men’s competition

Sivert Guttorm Bakken with two penalties finished second, just 1.4 seconds back. Aleksander Fjeld Andersen with one prone penalty finished third 8.7 seconds back.

Anna Weidel and Endre Stroemsheim Take IBU Cup Pursuits

Justus Strelow of Germany was the only man to shoot 20-to-20 in the fourth place, 17.1 seconds behind. His teammate David Zobel, with two penalties finished fifth, 40.8 seconds back. Norway's Filip Fjeld Andersen with three penalties finished in sixth place, 50.4 seconds back.

Zobel's penalty opened the door for the Norwegians

In second after a clean first prone, 11.7 behind also clean-shooting Zobel, Bakken managed to pull back seconds on the track entering the second prone, still second, but 7.3 seconds behind. Both men missed once giving their rivals a chance to pass them. Filip Fjeld Andersen realized the possibility and shooting clean left in the lead. Stroemsheim left after his clean stage 6.7 seconds after Andersen. Having completed their penalties, Zobel and Bakken left the shooting range third and fourth with a less than a second between them.

While Filip Andersen added a penalty in the first standing, Stroemsheim and Bakken cleaned to leave the range first and second. The two Norwegians out of the way, Strelow showed a steady hand for the third time moving to third, 23 seconds behind Stroemsheim. Aleksander Fjeld Andersen, also cleaning the first standing, placed fourth, 1.8 seconds behind Strelow.

The Norwegian sweep

The Norwegian duo of Stroemsheim/Bakken enjoyed a solid lead entering the final standing stage, but yet again the pressure to succeed led the men to making mistakes collecting a penalty each. Meanwhile A. F. Andersen managed to clean, but still was unable to take the lead from Stroemsheim. The duo upgraded to a trio when all three Norwegians left the shooting range within six seconds: Stroemsheim in the lead, Andersen second 4.1 seconds back, Bakken third 5.6 seconds behind. While Stroemsheim took the win, Bakken managed to pass Andersen on the final loop taking second place. Andersen finished third completing an all-Norwegian pursuit podium.

Although just missing the first place today, Bakken did well enough to secure the win of the Pursuit Globe.

Photos: Igor Stancik/IBU