Update: IBU Statement on World Cup Biathlon in Nove Mesto

Update: IBU Statement on World Cup Biathlon in Nove Mesto

IBU statement concerning the decision of the Czech national security council to close the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon in Nove Mesto na Morave for spectators.

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our athletes, officials and event staff is of paramount importance to the IBU and we are seeking to reduce the risk caused by coronavirus while minimising disruption to our events. Thus, the IBU in close coordination with the organising committee in Nove Mesto, has agreed the following additional measures for the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon in Nove Mesto:

Media Operations:

  • All press conferences are cancelled.
  • Reconfiguartion of the mixed zone to avoid mingling of different groups. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between media representatives and athletes will be guaranteed through an additional corridor.


  • The flower ceremony directly after the competition is the only ceremony that will be held. The IBU representatives are briefed about special precautionary measures in the conduction of the ceremony.

IBU Family Club:

  • Teams shall be separated from other groups
  • Buffet style shall be avoided, food ideally served to the individual person

Additional Sanitary Arrangements

  • Sanitary like disinfection for hands and the soap and paper towels in public restrooms are enforced.

The VIP area will remain closed for the whole event in Nove Mesto. Moreover, teams are provided with a special phone number which will provide immediate medical help if need and in case of a suspected infection.

In addition, the IBU can also inform that the event is closed for spectators but all accredited persons, including media and broadcasters, are free to attend the event.

The organisers in Nove Mesto have noted in a statement that they will announce by 20 April 2020 at the latest the mechanism by which the entry fee will be refunded or whether it will be possible to exchange tickets for the BMW IBU World Cup in Vysočina Arena in 2021. https://www.biathlonnmnm.cz/en/2020/03/02/official-statement-of-the-organizing-committee-of-the-biathlon-world-cup-in-nove-mesto-na-morave-vysocina-arena-closed-for-spectators/

Spectators are asked to check the organiser’s website (https://www.biathlonnmnm.cz) and social channels (https://www.facebook.com/biathlonnmnm/) regularly for further information regarding the matter.


Initial statement, 02 March 2020:

The IBU can confirm that the Czech authorities have decided that the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon in Nove Mesto na Morave will go ahead but that the event is closed for spectators. The IBU is in contact with the organisers and authorities to understand the details of this decision and to see if other stakeholders will be affected or further measures have to be taken.

The IBU has always said that it will follow any regulations and demands made by national authorities regarding the spread of the Coronavirus. Thus, the IBU and the Czech Organising Committee will fully implement this decision. We regret that this year’s event will not be followed by the 100,000 spectators in the stands which make this a unique experience for our athletes. The IBU is currently liaising with the hosts to be able to inform fans about ticketing refunds and cancellation options in due course.