IBU Statement on McLaren Report

IBU Statement on McLaren Report

December 15, 2016

Salzburg, Austria

On December 9, WADA published the second part of McLaren Investigation Report on systematic doping in Russia, especially during the Sochi Olympic Winter Games. As stated in the IBU Press Release of December, 11 the IBU studied the report and appointed an expert group with the necessary legal and anti-doping background for the McLaren report evaluation. 

The group had its first meeting today, it is closely working with IOC and WADA. Following the report publication, the IBU received 31 executive summaries on investigations related to Russian athletes. At the moment the group is still reviewing and evaluating the Evidentiary Disclosure Packages that contain detailed information on each individual case.

Upon the review of evidence, the expert group will report to the IBU Executive Board on its findings and propose relevant disciplinary action in the framework of IBU Anti-Doping rules and WADA Anti-doping Code at the meeting, scheduled for December, 22. The names of biathletes in the 31 executive summaries will stay confidential until the final decisions are made individually in each case.
The IBU is truly appalled and deeply saddened by the findings of the McLaren Report. The IBU has always emphasized clean sport, the fight against doping and protection of clean athletes as its top priorities. 

 The IBU will keep the public informed regarding further steps on biathlonworld.com