IBU Press Release

IBU Press Release

Oslo, Norway, 16 March 2018

Members of the new IBU Athlete’s Committee elected

The IBU is pleased to announce the results of the elections (67.7 % of eligible votes casted) for the members of the new IBU Athlete’s Committee for the period 2018 - 2022:


USA EGAN Clare, 130 Votes

SUI GASPARIN Aita, 105 Votes


BLR KRYUKO Iryna, 43 Votes

AUT INNERHOFER Katharina, 35 Votes


GER LESSER Erik, 100 Votes

FRA FOURCADE Martin, 98 Votes

SWE SAMUELSSON Sebastian, 65 Votes

AUT EDER Simon,56 Votes

SLO BAUER Klemen, 47 Votes

CZE KRCMAR Michal, 26 Votes

SRB HODZIC Edin, 7 Votes

As seen from the results, Clare Egan of the USA, Aita Gasparin of Switzerland, Erik Lesser of Germany and Martin Fourcade of France were elected. Clare Egan of the USA has received the most votes and will therefore serve as the chairman of the IBU Athlete’s Committee.

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