IBU Press Release

IBU Press Release

Following the decision of the IOC to suspend the Russian NOC and create a path for a clean individual athlete to compete at the Pyoengchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the IBU Executive Board decided today: 

•    The IBU Executive Board accepts the decision of the IOC Executive Board dated 5 December 2017 and agreed to implement it in time. 

•    The IBU Executive Board decided to reinstate the working group and add external expertise. 

•    As a consequence of the substantial number of doping convictions in the recent past, the IOC verdicts against three Russian biathletes who were found guilty of an ADRV at the OWG 2014 and the substantial number of athletes still suspicious of having been part of, or profited from the Russian doping conspiracy, which caused great damage to the sport of biathlon and the reputation of  the IBU, and in order to encourage the RBU to become more active in the fight against doping, to assist in the discovery of any doping manipulations in Russia and to enforce strict compliance with the applicable anti-doping rules and policies,

the IBU Executive Board herewith relegates the RBU to provisional membership (Art. 16.12 Constitution) with the limited membership rights as set out in Art. 15 of the Constitution. 

The IBU Executive Board will review restitution of the RBU to full membership at a later date but not before the end of the 2017/2018 competition season, subject to the following conditions:

(a)    the IOC has lifted the suspension of the ROC;

(b)    no adverse analytical findings or other anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs) of Russian biathletes committed after 1 January 2017 have been reported;

(c)    the RBU fully cooperates with any investigation of any alleged ADRVs in the context of, and the involvement of officials in, the alleged doping conspiracy that was described by the IP Report, Dr Rodchenkov’s affidavits and the IOC Disciplinary Commission (“Schmid Commission”) Report.

The IBU Executive Board may, at its sole discretion, decide to extend the provisional membership if it deems that the above conditions have not been met.

The IBU Executive Board is following the developments very closely and reserves the right to take further measures against the RBU or any individuals as a consequence of further results of the ongoing investigations.