IBU Press Release: IBU Provisionally Suspends Ekaterina Glazyrina/RUS

IBU Press Release: IBU Provisionally Suspends Ekaterina Glazyrina/RUS

February 10, 2017

Hochfilzen, Austria

Subject: IBU provisionally suspends Ekaterina Glazyrina/RUS immediately based on McLaren Report investigation related to alleged anti-doping violation

Following the publication of the McLaren Report , Part II on  December 9, the IBU established a working group to evaluate the Report and study the available documents. It initiated specific follow-up actions in order to get more data with regards to the alleged anti-doping Rule violations.

After having collected additional information and documentation, the working group concluded that an optional provisional suspension was to be implemented since several samples from the athlete may have contained prohibited substances and the doping controls conducted by RUSADA may have been tampered with, without limitation by manipulation of sample(s).

The Executive Board in its meeting today supported this proposal. They decided to provisionally suspend Ekaterina Glazyrina with immediate effect from February 10, 2017, pending the IBU determination of whether or not the athlete has committed an anti-doping Rule violation.

The athlete and the Russian Biathlon Union have been informed about the provisional suspension accordingly. The athlete is given an opportunity for a provisional hearing. The IBU will provide updates on www.biathlonworld.com.