IBU Photo Contest 2018: Results

IBU Photo Contest 2018: Results

Last week, we asked you to vote for your favourite pictures of the past season. The IBU reached out to the many accredited photographers of the 2017/2018 winter and asked them to submit their best pictures in three categories: Emotions, Feature, Portrait -- and now the vote is in.


This was a tight call for most of the voting but at the end Harald Deubert's entry won with 24.2% of the votes. Andrey Anosov's entry came in second with 22.2%.


Of the three categories, "Feature" saw a real runaway winner. Alexey Filippov garnered more than a third of the votes cast, a whopping 34%. Petr Slavik finished in second place with 18.6% of the total vote.


The final category saw two entries fight it out for the win but at the end Stefan Adelsberger portrait of Dorothea Wierer narrowly beat out Petr Slavik's shot of Emil Hegle Svendsen (27.7% for Adelsberger, 24.8% for Slavik)

IBU Photo Contest 2018

We would like to thank all photographers for participating and are looking forward to hand the winners their awards during the upcoming biathlon winter!