IBU Gender Equality Seminar Draws Close

IBU Gender Equality Seminar Draws Close

The Mass Start was the women’s last competition of the BMW IBU World Cup Season 2018/2019. While the host city of Oslo was celebrating its record-breaking hero JT Boe, all eyes were on Dorothea Wierer of Italy, her compatriot Lisa Vittozzi and Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia, all still fighting, literally to the last meter in the loops and the last target still standing, for the highly coveted World Cup Total Score Title.

It was yet another day in a drama-packed season in which the women captured at least as much attention as the men did. Biathlon has long been at the forefront of sports where gender equality is reflected in the quality of performance, prize money and popularity. The IBU leadership has now taken firm steps to systematically achieve a higher degree of gender equality beyond the sport and diversify biathlon leadership.

The IBU Gender Equality in Sports Leadership Seminar, taking place from 24-26 May, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland, is the first event focused on gender equality to be organized by the IBU.

“Gender equality is one of the most important challenges we face. As a strong partner of the IOC, we have to implement recommendations from the Gender Equality Project, which was launched in September 2018. We have already fulfilled some, but still, there are some fields to improve in,” explains Dr. Dagmara Gerasimuk, IBU Executive Board Member and host of the seminar, which will kick off with a welcome from IBU President Olle Dahlin. This will be followed by an update on the implementation of the IOC Gender Equality Review Project presented by Irina Gladkikh, Associate Director of Winter & Recognised Sports and IF Relations.

The IBU Gender Equality in Sports Leadership Seminar, of which the Polish Olympic Committee is an official honoured patron, is meant to be an evolving platform which will enable women in biathlon with the ambition and the capacity to lead to start developing mechanisms for achieving their career goals through a higher level of gender equality. The interest of more than 40 registered participants from 34 countries and a very strong and versatile field of presenters, including scientists and female National Biathlon Federation Presidents, are positive signs of the importance and timeliness of the topic. 

The agenda also includes lectures from business leaders discussing the synergy between men and women in leadership and in the decision-making process, which will help us to develop ways to gender equality in biathlon. Through projects based on an exchange of experience, we hope to inspire the next generation,” added Dr. Gerasimuk.

IBU Gender Equality Seminar Draws Close
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Topics and issues to be presented and discussed at the IBU Gender Equality in Sports Leadership Seminar: 

  • Women's Careers in Leadership Positions and Mechanisms of Exclusion in Sports Organizations; Sports Policy and Actions from the Viewpoint of Gender Equality in General and in Management/Leadership in Finland; 

  • Hard Work or Organizational Culture? What is More Important in Women's Paths to a Leadership Career?; 

  • Benefits of Equal Representation on Panels and in Sports Organizations; 

  • Integrated Leadership: Synergy of Male and Female Energies in Business; 

  • FIS Steps Towards Gender Equality; 

  • IBU NF and Athletes Gender Equality Survey Summary

Two working sessions staged as round table discussions will focus on governance:

  • The first one - Nominations & Elections - will focus on what mechanisms organizations are using to achieve change in this particular area through the process of elections, committee appointments and law revisions.

  • The second one - Governance Leadership Pipeline - will focus on how the IBU can help fill the ‘leadership pipeline’ by including leadership development workshops, candidate registries and co-mentoring programmes for senior NF women.

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All NFs are invited to take part in an online survey to help the project grow further: https://genderequalitysports.typeform.com/to/KMrY77

All athletes are invited to take part in an online survey to help the project grow further:  https://genderequalitysports.typeform.com/to/pXmau5.