IBU Congress: Joint IOC/IBU Workshop And IBU Executive Board Meeting

IBU Congress: Joint IOC/IBU Workshop And IBU Executive Board Meeting

Porec, 06 September 2019: A joint workshop by representatives from the International Olympic Committee and the International Biathlon Union concerning the new Olympic quota system for biathlon was of high importance for IBU Member Federations at the 13th Regular IBU Congress in Porec, Croatia.

Kit McConnell, IOC Sports Director, and Irina Gladkikh, IOC Head of Winter Sports, presented the complexity of challenges behind the IOC Executive Board’s decision to reduce the biathlon quota for the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022 by 20 athletes as part of the IOC Agenda 2020.

Felix Bitterling, IBU Sports Director, and Christophe Vassalo, Chairman of the IBU Technical Committee followed by summarising consequences for the IBU and then presented the efforts taken to implement adjustments. These are aimed at further focusing on sporting excellence while at the same time continuing to give athletes from each Member Federation the opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Winter Games.

“It was important for all IBU Member Federations to understand all of the work the IOC is doing on the implementation of Olympic Agenda and the New Norm and also the goals and principles through which the decisions on the Beijing 2022 event programme and athlete quotas were taken. The IOC is also the only body to decide about the maximum quota per sport”, said IBU Sports Director Felix Bitterling.

“A first draft will be discussed and evaluated in the new IBU Technical Committee in October 2018. After this draft is confirmed by the IBU Executive Board, the final proposal has to be approved by the IOC”, added Christophe Vassalo, Chairman of the IBU Technical Committee

The Executive Board of the International Biathlon Union also held a meeting today.

The Executive Board went through the agenda for the Congress again and adopted a final version.  In addition, external experts’ feedback for the amended Code of Ethics, which will be voted upon by the Congress, was discussed. 

The Executive Board also received a status report from Stephan Netzle, the chair of the Independent Working Group, who will also update the Congress.

In order to enable the sharing of expertise and know-how with Olympic Winter Games organizers, the Executive Board has also invited a representative of Beijing 2022 to participate in the Technical Committee meetings until the Olympic Winter Games in 2022.

The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday, 09 September 2018. This will be the constitutive meeting of the new Executive Board, which will be elected on Friday 07 September 2018.

(Photo: IBU/Christian Manzoni)