Home Victory for Johannes Thingnes Boe In Oslo Sprint

Home Victory for Johannes Thingnes Boe In Oslo Sprint

Norway's Johannes Thingnes Boe shot clean to give the home team a victory in this afternoon's men's sprint at BMW IBU World Cup 9 in Oslo. Boe's fast prone shooting gave him a lead that he would not surrender. His equally strong performance on the tracks brought him across the finish line in 24:53.3. Martin Fourcade of France shot clean in prone, but missed the last shot in standing; his fast last loop gave the Yellow Bib second place, 13.6 seconds back. Late start number 106 Anton Shipulin of Russia cleaned prone just 4.2 seconds behind Boe and matched that in standing, but even with colder conditions on the tracks, finished third, 21.3 seconds back.

Dominik Landertinger of Austria, with one penalty, finished fourth, .2 seconds back. Fifth went to Ukraine's Sergey Semenov, shooting clean, 24.4 seconds back while Johannes' older brother Tarjei, with one penalty finished sixth, 28.4 seconds back.

Home Victory for Johannes Thingnes Boe In Oslo Sprint

Podium Battle

Shipulin and Fourcade battled for second place. Shipulin exited the standing stage with a 9.5 second lead on Fourcade, but he quickly fell back to a 2.6 second lead by 8.5K. Now Shipulin fought hard to hold on to third place, finishing behind Fourcade and .2 seconds ahead of  fourth place Landertinger.

World Cup Total Score Top 3

Fourcade, Shipulin and Johannes are currently 1-3 in the World Cup Total Score. Even though this was Boe's second victory in the season,  he enjoyed  the competition and winning at home. "It quite nice to be back at one of the nicest place in the World Cup. Even though I'm competing at home, it's not such a big advantage.  When you hear the audience between the shots cheering for you. it helps; but that's it."

Early starter Boe waited for long time to celebrate, unsure of his victory until the very last minute. "I lost some seconds on the last loop. I was not sure of my victory because I knew there were strong athletes coming in the late start numbers."

Late Arrival

With his late arrival in Oslo, Fourcade only had one training session at Holmenkollen. ”I went back to France after Kontiolahti and I had a long travel here to Oslo, my biggest challenge was to be ready for this competition.” Continuing, he added, "I’m angry about my miss today, I had the power to clean it. But I'm not angry about my competition...I am satisfied with my second place".

Home Victory for Johannes Thingnes Boe In Oslo Sprint

"Problems with Sprints"

Anton Shipulin admitted that sprints are not his strength, but he's happy to finally have a good sprint result. ”I have had big problems with shooting in sprint competitions. For the two remaining competitions I will just enjoy myself.”

Home Victory for Johannes Thingnes Boe In Oslo Sprint