Flashback Friday: Biathlon Music

Flashback Friday: Biathlon Music

Over the past weeks we have dug deep in our archive to find out more about our biathletes’ skills: from cooking to playing games and other sports. But did you know that music runs strong in the veins of them? Some love to listen to music before competitions start to find concentration, other love to play it in the evening to chill… some just enjoy dancing to it! Of course, our collection will feature Gabriela Koukalova, Lowell Bailey and Jean Guillaume Beatrix’s most famous performances at the end our trip down this musical-memory lane.

Let’s start with what you would not expect, because if Lukas Hofer is famous for his talent with accordion and Dorothea Wierer has shown lately that she can also play that, did you know the overall world cup champion once played the “Devil’s stick” to accompany Luki’s performance?

And since we are talking about unexpected instruments, would you believe you can make music just with a bunch of random athletes as a choir and a few metal boxes? In IBU Cup that was made possible, thanks to Norwegian biathlete and rapper Oysten Ulekleiv.

Yes, Gabi’s band is coming next… but first a little interlude that will make you smile. Because in Pokljuka they always place Star War’s imperial march when athletes approach the shooting range… so we asked them what would they like to be played instead!

At last, you have it. It is a classic in biathlon and we miss the three of them not just for their music, but their biathlon performances too. However, today we pay a tribute to their amazing singing and playing skills.

That is it for this week, but, we can tell you, we have already used this very last clip as a teaser to what’s coming next… because this very last track was the soundtrack of another famous IBUtv production… see you in 7 days with more memories from our archive!

Photo: NordicFocus