Flashback Friday: Biathlon Movie Stars

Flashback Friday: Biathlon Movie Stars

Last week, we left you with “For Your Eyes Only”, sung by Gabriela Koukalova as part of our journey into the music vibes of biathlon. By doing so, we told you it worked as a teaser for the next theme and it really was because the song served as the soundtrack of one of the greatest productions in biathlon history: The Spy Who Loved Biathlon.

Fans loved it so much that we have been asked over and over again to do a sequel. Very rarely, volume 2 of movies turn out as good as the original, so we never went in that direction, but maybe a new movie could be planned for the next winter?

In any case, biathletes proved their acting skill in multiple occasions (like in this year’s Biathlon Christmas Carol!), or in another fan favourite: Biathlon 4 Newbies… but let’s not rush. Grab your popcorn and enjoy those biathlon movie classics.

Because “The Spy Who Loved Biathlon” is a cult and if you have never watched it, that’s your chance and if you already have … it’s always worth another go!

Are you familiar with the rules of biathlon? Can you recognize the inside jokes we put in there? Because “Biathlon 4 Newbies” is an Easter egg full of surprises and each time you watch it, you can spot a new subtle reference, for example a tribute to the movie above…

And just like any movie star, our biathletes also hit the red carpet. How magnificent such display of class, suddenly it felt like Cannes!

No teaser this time, but we will be back next Friday, with the best from our video archive!