Flashback Friday: Biathlon Games

Flashback Friday: Biathlon Games

Digging through our archive of footage, this week we focus on leisure time. After checking their cooking skills last week, we want to see how did biathletes do when confronted with games, riddles and other quirky activities on their free time.

Most teams organize small games to spend time together during the long weeks away from home and some are true experts of the likes of taboo, charades and so on… so when we challenge them, we always add some extra difficulties!

We start with a classic game of “Who am I?”. A couple years ago in IBU Cup things got very funny especially when each of them had to guess the biathlete’s name written on their forehead.

Staying in biathlon, how many times have you asked Google to help you with spelling doubts? It is never easy to remember the correct order of letters for names of athletes and places in languages we are not fluent. Well, you are not the only ones, because biathletes themselves had troubles with Kontiolahti, Rastorgujevs and such… to quote Mari Eder “You are a nice guy, but I cannot spell your name!”

Speaking of faraway lands… for the pre-Olympic World Cup stage in PyeongChang, we prepared a very unique challenge for our athletes: using chopsticks they had to pick 3 items and get them from one side of the Family Club to the other. Who was the fastest? Who dropped none?

How good are your drawing skills? And guessing? We found that out during a fun night with the Czech team two winters ago. Eva Kristejn Puskarcikova had to make her team-mates guess some biathlon-specific words with the sole help of a pen and a board… the losers had to answer some questions too!

Juniors had the chance to play truth or dare with the top athletes, whom they asked some personal questions this winter, winding out some funny facts about their idols. Unsurprisingly, Dorothea Wierer got two very daring questions, will she have answered to them?

Photo: Petr Slavik