Flashback Friday: Biathletes cook

Flashback Friday: Biathletes cook

During these days spent in our homes, many people have rediscovered the pleasure of cooking. The satisfying feeling of combining simple ingredients to make a tasty meal or a delicious treat. Be it cake, pasta or a traditional recipe, the most important ingredient is always the same: love.

Biathletes, just like any of us, are going through the same process and while some are experts in the field, some others are moving their first steps in this art. Yet, we know as a fact, that over the years, we have challenged many of them in the kitchen, some with fantastic results. So, what follows here is the best from our archive when it comes to cooking!

So, if cooking is the theme of today’s flashback Friday, it cannot but start with the TV show that was most popular in IBU Cup a few years ago: The Pietro Dutto Cooking Show. The Italian, like a master chef, gave orders to his team of scullions and eventually tasted his beloved Cantuccini, without really doing much. Directing was just as important though and he shared a very good recipe to follow for delicious Italian biscuits.

But if you are on a hurry and craving for savoury, Martin Fourcade has a few tips for a home made carbonara. Coincidentally, it was the international day of that meal just a few days ago, even though he gave it a personal spin, by adding onions.

Let’s stick to Italian food a little longer, because who doesn’t like a good pizza every now and then? This one time we invited two Czech, two Canadian and two Japanese athletes it was not a joke to make the Italian classic. They had to prepare their pizzas only by following the voice of their partners, having been blindfold. Lots of laughter, even though their final result was judged by Lisa Vittozzi e Nicole Gontier!

It’s time to cross the Alps and in Switzerland taste one of the local dishes. Aita Gasparin gave her team-mates the instructions for a perfect fondue and then judged their results… but beware! You should not drop any bread in the melted cheese, or you’ll get in trouble. The punishment for the transgressors is a run around the building. Without any clothes on!

If you fancy something sweet, a few years ago Marie Laure Brunet shared with us the recipe for a delicious lemon merengue tart. It was a birthday surprise for a team-mate, but you do not need any celebrations to bake it yourself! Just follow her tips and you’ll have a marvellous dessert.

Dulcis in fundo is what the Latins used to say when you keep the best for the end (literally “Dessert at the end”) and it is quite fitting for our list. Because Benedikt Doll is possibly the most recognizable chef in the biathlon family, having published a cookery book to his name too! While talking about his career and biathlon dreams, two winters ago, we cooked with him a delightful snack that will make your peckish in the blink of an eye!

If you made it far down and still feel like you want more, head to our Instagram page and keep an eye on our stories as we might share more tips for a tasty meal!

Top photo by Petr Slavik