Flashback Friday: Behind the Scenes

Flashback Friday: Behind the Scenes

With Summer fast approaching, we have also come to the end of our journey into the best of our video production. We hope it kept you company and reminded you of some great stories we aired long and not so – ago, maybe showing you some that you did not know. If you missed out some episodes of this journey, you will find the links to all previous chapters at the bottom of this story.

But let us talk about today’s topic, because it is an exiting journey so deep into biathlon that it explores unexpected behind the scenes. From waking up in an athlete’s bed to studying the art of changing a broken pole, from recovering with a hot Finnish sauna to the secret behind a successful Single Mixed Relay.

Can it get any closer to an athlete than them filming their own day from alarm to bedtime? This is what happened last winter when Baiba Bendika, Lisa Vittozzi, Antonin Guigonnat and Johannes Kuehn took us through one day in their season and we produced this short and fun documentary of what it is like to be a BMW IBU World Cup athlete.

Breaking a pole is not the most pleasant experience, but it can happen, especially during contact competitions. Coaches are always ready to help an athlete in need, regardless of the team, but what is the preparation behind such necessary gesture? A few years ago, we checked how they study that simple but much required detail.

On a more serious note, during the past IBU Cup season, we really dug deep into what makes a successful pair in the Single Mixed Relay. Given the very unique format in our sport, we wanted to see how much the connection between the two items of the team is part of the winning recipe.

And at last, recovery. Any professional athlete will tell you how rest is equally important to training. Recovering from a long training session or a gruelling competition is key both physically and mentally, and one of the absolute favourites in wintertime is sauna. In the homeland of this tradition, the Finnish team explained us the secrets and rules behind this relaxing recovery.

As promised, here below you can find all the previous chapters, but do not think that we will leave you alone now that this campaign is over. Plenty new content is coming throughout the Summer and in the lead-up to the next exciting season.

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