Darya Domracheva: “Back in Business” in Oberhof Video

Darya Domracheva: “Back in Business” in Oberhof Video

The most anticipated starter in tomorrow’s women’s sprint at Oberhof will undoubtedly be Number 50, Darya Domracheva of Belarus. The triple Olympic Gold medalist will make her return to the biathlon stage 655 days after her last World Cup start in Khanty Mansiysk in March 2015.

World Cup Total Score Titlist

Domracheva ended the 2014-15 season with nine victories on her way to winning the World Cup Total Score title for the first time in the season after her record-setting three triumphs in Sochi. Later that spring, she was diagnosed with mononucleosis and decided to sit out last season to recover from the disease and two previous very hard seasons.

Busy with Family and Projects

Never one to sit and wait for something to happen, Domracheva took advantage of her extra time. She spent more time with family, initiated and promoted the “Legends Race,” with retired biathlon stars at Raubichi stadium, married Ole Einar Björndalen, added a baby daughter Xenia to the family in October and in the recent holiday season launched a sportswear collection. Somewhere in between all of this, she trained at comfortable levels and promised her fans last April at the time her pregnancy was announced, “I will do everything possible to return to competition in early 2017.”

Darya Domracheva: “Back in Business” in Oberhof Video

Tomorrow, with her mother on babysitting duty, she makes good on that promise. However, she admitted in our interview that she just wants to have “good feelings” from competing and will just see how the day goes. At 14:40 CET tomorrow, Domracheva will head out of the start house with the eyes of the biathlon world fixed on her. ​

Domracheva shares her thoughts on her return to biathlon in our video, “Darya Domracheva: “Back in Business” in Oberhof.”