Cold Weather, Schedule Changes: “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore” Video

Cold Weather, Schedule Changes: “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore” Video

The competition schedule for this week’s BMW IBU World Cup 7 in Canmore has been revised due to the ongoing cold conditions in the province of Alberta. Both the competition formats and start times are affected; the first change is that tomorrow’s scheduled men’s 20K individual and women’s 15K individual have been changed to the new-format short individual men’s 15K and women’s short-format 12.5K individual.

“Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore”
This week, the home team literally is Canada; Canmore is their home base where they live and train year round. 30-year-old Rosanna Crawford, whose international career dates back to 2007 is a Canmore native, growing up just off Main Street. This home World Cup is one of the last of her career; she plans to retire after the IBU WCH next month. While driving around town, Crawford reminisced, visited some of her favorite places and commented on the upcoming competitions in our preview, “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore.”

The new schedule is (all times CET):

Thursday 7 Feb 2019: 20:20 Men’s 15K Short Individual

Thursday 7 Feb 2019: 22:55 Women’s 12.5K Short Individual

Friday 8 Feb 2019: 20:30 (tbc) Men’s 4 X 7.5K Relay

Friday 8 Feb 2019: 22:45 (tbc) Women’s 4 X 6K Relay

Saturday 9 Feb 2019: 19:00 (tbc) Men’s 10K Sprint

Saturday 9 Feb 2019: 22:00 (tbc) Women’s 7.5K Sprint

Tentative Schedule; Further Changes Possible

IBU Race Director World Cup Borut Nunar commented, “This is a tentative schedule, which might see further changes depending on the temperatures in the forthcoming days. We have agreed on these changes with the teams, the local organizing committee, the medical delegate and the broadcasters. Our highest priority is to guarantee the health of our athletes and carry out fair and safe competitions. We have cut out the coldest parts of the course and changed the start times for some events to a later hour to have higher temperatures. The free Sunday gives us some more flexibility in case the temperatures wouldn’t allow competitions earlier.”

Cold Weather, Schedule Changes: “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore” Video

Competition Rules

According to the IBU Competition Rules on weather conditions, biathlon competitions must not be started if the air temperature is colder than minus 20 degrees Celsius measured at the coldest part of the tracks. If it is colder than minus 15°C, wind chill and humidity must be considered before starting and during the competition.

Cold Weather, Schedule Changes: “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore” Video

Normal Training Day
As the individual competitions approach, almost everyone was on the tracks and shooting range during training. The sunshine, very light winds and spectacular scenery helped make training more tolerable. Without looking at the temperature, it looked like just a normal training day before a competition; in and out of the range, with targets falling as they should.

Cold Weather, Schedule Changes: “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore” Video
Cold Weather, Schedule Changes: “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore” Video

Behind the Physio Tape
Of course in light of the conditions, physio tape was the order of the day, protecting tender skin from frostbite while creating a “who is behind the tape” guessing game at times.

Cold Weather, Schedule Changes: “Welcome to Rosanna’s Canmore” Video

Short Individual Debut

The short individual is a new competition format approved at last year’s IBU Congress in Porec, Croatia. The competition was designed for extreme weather conditions like here in Canmore. It was successfully tested last month at the Arber IBU Cup.Tomorrow’s short individuals will mark the debut of this new format on the BMW IBU World Cup circuit. Both the men’s and women’s competitions still have four shooting stages, with the time penalty changed from one-minute to forty-five seconds for each missed target. One of the advantages of this shorter format in Canmore is that it eliminates the 4K loop for men, which has the lowest and coldest part of the tracks. It will also shorten the competition by approximately 10 minutes.