Wednesday Social Wrap

Wednesday Social Wrap

It feels like only a few days ago most biathletes began picking up their rifles again to start with their summer training and preparation for the upcoming season. Now, some four months later, summer is going to be on its way out shortly and September will see plenty of National Championships, giving the athletes more opportunities to check their form and adjust their training in the next three months -- because believe it or not; this time in three months, the Biathlon Family will gather in Östersund. But way before that, we're taking a look around social media and get you up to speed:


First of all we want to extend our warmest congratulations to Rosanna Crawford and Brendan Green. The two Canadian veterans finished their career this past winter but they were already planning ahead to the next big event in their lives: their wedding this past weekend. With plenty of the Canadian team attending as well as good friends like Anais Bescond, we're sure they had a tremendous day.

Tiril and Ingrid pick up the mic

Last year, Hanna Oeberg, Sebastian Samuelsson and Jesper Nelin already started a Swedish podcast called "Mitt i prick" (Bull's Eye) about life in and around the biathlon bubble - now they got competition from their neighbours. Good friends Tiril Eckhoff and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold just presented the first episode of "Kant Ut" (translates roughly as "Missing by the Edge") -- and as you might expect, both Eckhoff's and Tandrevold's penchant for self-deprecating wit and humour with a solid side order of sarcasm shines through: whether it is Eckhoff recounting the tale of her broken toe or Tandrevold's "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out) during the summer months when everyone -- but the biathletes -- are on vacation.

Only side-note: You need have a grasp of the Norwegian language to follow along.

Podcast Tiril & Ingrid

Domracheva and Bjoerndalen at the SBWCH

We're always happy to see the legends of our sport appearing on-site at our events - especially when it's our two most successful Olympic Biathletes!

Post-SBWCH wind down

While some athletes return to the training camps right away, some also had a reason to celebrate (just a little) after the Summer Biathlon World Championships -- particularly home team Belarus, who topped the medal standings tied with China.

"... kind regards, Martin Fourcade"

After the SBWCH last weekend, next weekend sees another Biathlon City event: the inaugural Martin Fourcade Nordic Festival, taking place at the lakeside of beautiful Annecy, France. And when Martin Fourcade invites you to participate in an event branded with his name, you come prepared -- compatriot Simon Desthieux and italian star Lisa Vittozzi being two of many well known athletes to start on Saturday.

Snowed under down under

While summer is hitting its last strides in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is currently at its peak in Australia and the first ever Biathlon Oceania Cup took place in Mount Hotham -- with plenty of fresh snow and temperatures around 1°C.

Soak it all in

When you do get a break from all the training, Simon Schempp's method of refuelling his energy tank is certainly one of the best ways. Hike up your local mountains, take a deep breath and ... soak it all in.

One last holiday

At the end of the day, maybe Kamila Zuk has the right idea -- one last few days of holiday in August certainly can't hurt; especially since the next three months will see everyone up the ante ahead of the 2019-2020 Biathlon Season.

.. a sneak peek of what's to come!

IBU TV will be doing a fair amount of filming these next few weeks, so make sure to subscribe to so you won't miss any of the upcoming videos.

Wednesday Social Wrap