Biathlon Climate Challenge 2021

Biathlon Climate Challenge 2021

The International Biathlon Union is thrilled to introduce the Biathlon Climate Challenge 2021, with the goal to plant 100,000 trees in total.

For the implementation of the challenge, the IBU has partnered with Active Giving, a platform that converts sports activities into funding for environmental or social purposes. The tree planting will be carried out by Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organisation, whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration.

You can join the Biathlon Climate Challenge in five simple steps:

1 - Decide which athlete’s team you want to join.

2 - Download the Active Giving app from the App Store or Google Play

3 - Create a profile

4 - Select your team on the menu tab

5 - Enter the athlete code for the team you want to be on.

The Team Leaders and their codes for the Biathlon Climate Challenge are:

1. Franziska Preuss: FRANZI

2. Susan Dunklee: SUSAND

3. Dorothea Wierer: DOROWI

4. Regina Oja: REGINA

5. Olena Pidhrushna: OLENAP

6. Emilien Jacquelin: EMIJAC

7. Johannes Dale; JODALE

8. Jules Burnotte: JULESB

9. Sebastian Samuelsson: SEBSAM

10. Jakov Fak: JAKOVF

  • For frequently asked questions, please take a look at the document below:
FAQ Biathlon Climate Challenge 2021

For more information about the IBU's Sustainability Strategy, visit our Sustainability Page.