Action Speaks Volumes

Action Speaks Volumes

At the IBU Congress in Porec, Croatia, on 7 September 2018, Olle Dahlin was elected new and only the second ever President of the International Biathlon Union. With him a new Executive Board with four first time members was elected. The biathlon family put its trust in President Dahlin and his Executive Board to take biathlon into a new era.

One year later the IBU prepares for an Extraordinary Congress, which will be a milestone in defining biathlon’s future. The measures taken under President Dahlin’s leadership as well as the topics for the Extraordinary Congress speak volumes:

The IBU appointed an External Review Commission to investigate allegations from the past against the IBU and its officials to prevent future wrongdoing. The IBU signed an agreement with the ITA (International Testing Agency) to help the IBU manage its anti-doping activities, it formed a new IBU Ethics Commission, held its first ever IBU Gender Equality Seminar, the prize money was increased by ten percent and the structures in the headquarters have been strengthened to reflect the increasing demands in managing an International Federation.

Action Speaks Volumes

While President Dahlin is committed to avoiding problems of the past arising again, it is clear his focus is on what lies ahead rather than looking back, as he explained to Olympic Movement publication sport intern:

“It has been an honour to serve as President of the IBU for the last year but I am even more excited about what lies ahead,” he said. "I am fortunate to be part of a very committed and talented team Executive Board. However, over the last year we have made sure that our future is directed not just by one President or one Executive Board; but also by our National Federations and our fantastic athletes. That is why we held workshops with all biathlon stakeholders to provide their ideas and input on our Strategic Plan. It is why we sent drafts of our Strategic Plan and new Constitution to our National Associations for further input. We have learnt from the past and we want to make sure that now the IBU is a collective, where everyone has a say and everyone can contribute.”

On the way from Porec to Munich much has been brought into action by the new leadership and the whole biathlon family.

“I am excited about the Congress,” Dahlin said. “A lot has changed since we all last came together in Poreč; there is a lot to be very positive about. I am looking forward to presenting our plans to our friends in the National Federations. We have sent them all of the documents already so there won’t be anything they have not seen and they will recognise we have incorporated their ideas and feedback. It will be a landmark Congress for the IBU and the beginning of a new era for biathlon.”