A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

After three seasons in the IBU Junior Cup, Sebastian Stalder is going into his last season as a junior athlete. He performed very consistently throughout the whole 2018/19 IBU Junior Cup season, especially with his precise shooting. This allowed him to win the IBU Junior Cup Individual Score and pick up two individual podiums along the way both during the IBU Junior Cup 2 in Station des Rousses, France. With the IBU Youth Junior World Championships taking place in Lenzerheide in 2020, the Swiss athlete has one big final highlight of his Junior career on home soil before he moves to the senior ranks.

In order to get to know him a little better, the 21 year old shared a training camp day in Andermatt this summer.

Raps and Rapid Fire

A day for Swiss Junior biathlete Sebastian Stalder starts with a healthy breakfast. After waking up around 07:00, scrambled eggs and cornflakes are on the menu to get through the day. Eggs for the protein and corn flakes simply because they are delicious.

A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

After breakfast, it is time to pack since this is the last day of the training camp, and just relax before the day's first training session.

Despite foggy conditions, Stalder and his teammates are in a good mood. Walking to training the conversations are about the weather with some jokes also in the conversation.

"Mostly we talk about music, since some of the boys in our team are currently making rap music, which is pretty cool. On walks like this we discuss the lyrics and laugh about them together", Stalder explains

A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

After preparing with a few minutes of dry firing, Stalder starts with some shooting competition games together with his teammates. That lasts for about one hour. Stalder reveals that he shoots about 1000 rounds a week while spending around 6 - 8 hours at the range during a week.

A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

"Today we are only doing a short shooting session because some training at the gym is planned. I like this type of shooting training because I mainly win the competitions," he joked.

Gym life and cheat day

After shooting training at the range Stalder moves to the gym for a hypertrophy workout, which is a term for the growth and increase of the size of muscle cells followed by a visit to the nearby restaurant.

​"I like the gym training because after each session I can feel that I get stronger and better. It is very important to spend time at the gym to build up the physical base for the upcoming season"

A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder
A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

"It is important to refill the batteries after this hard session, we eat in a restaurant that’s about 50 meters away from the gym. Those are perfect conditions you can only find in Switzerland."

The training day for Stalder continues in the afternoon with some spinning and double-poling, because of a small injury in his lower leg he cannot run; but it's an injury that will not affect his winter season. Meanwhile, the rest of the team goes out for a pleasant jog.

A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

Then it is time to head home. During the drive, he listens to hip-hop music and discusses the camp with his brother Gion Stalder who is also a part of the Swiss Junior Team.

​"My brother is the DJ when we drive home. Since he is my younger brother I try to give him some advice, especially when it comes to shooting"

Stalder treats himself to some burgers on the way back home - the best reward after some hard days of training.

"I can eat burgers whenever I want, but I mainly eat them after a training camp."

Get inspired by the best

After arriving back home, the 21-year-old catches up with his parents who are always eager to find out how his training camps went. Later in the afternoon, it is time to relax and like most Swiss sports enthusiasts Stalder watches tennis; a certain Roger Federer is on his winning ways against Kei Nishikori during Wimbledon.

"I like to watch tennis. It is a great sport. Roger Federer is my favorite player, I think he is a role model for many athletes. He always stays cool even if he is losing. Sometimes I think I should be more like him in my own competitions"

A Day in the Life of Sebastian Stalder

Despite being one of the best male junior athletes during the 2018/19 season Stalder has yet to win this first IBU Junior World Championship medal. With the 2020 IBU YJWCH on home soil, the young Swiss biathlete has his goals for the season set.

"​In Lenzerheide at the YJWCH I want to show my best performance, I have spent a lot of time in Lenzerheide since we got an apartment there. I can call it my home training spot, in fact, it is my favorite arena. I like the shooting range and the long and difficult uphill climbs"

After an exciting tennis match it is time to rest and start all over the next day.