Canada’s Sight on Beijing

“Biathletes are made in the summer”, this is something you will hear coaches and athletes tell you over and over when it comes to the importance of the training months, when snow is a far thought and the sun is shining as bright and hot as ever. But with the big goal of the Olympic Games only a few months away, these summer months will be even more crucial and exciting for the biathlon family.

The Canadian Biathlon team is taking us on their journey from Day 1 of this new season with their video series “Sight on Beijing”, an exciting behind-the-scenes of a country that has been growing steadily in the past few winters.

One of the special traits of this team is the love story between their two most successful athletes of the past couple seasons: Emma Lunder and Christian Gow. In the second episode of the series, they talk about how it all started and the advantages of living a life of sport together.

As the series continued into June, the team celebrated the pride month with a special focus on their rising star Megan Bankes, who came out no later than a year ago. The 23 year old shared her story amidst the training days at the gym and back on roller skis.

In the next weeks, more episodes will follow and you can make sure not to miss any by following the social media accounts of Biathlon Canada, as the training season moves to exciting months of hard work.

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