Call for candidates for the IBU Athletes’ Committee

The IBU is calling for candidates to nominate for the IBU Athletes’ Committee.

Elections to the IBU Athletes’ Committee will be held during the IBU World Cup 7 in Oslo from 27 February - 3 March 2024. Two seats will be available for election.

The rules for the IBU Athletes’ Committee are set in the IBU Constitution, Article 25.

Athletes interested in becoming candidates must submit their applications by 26 January 2024 and be declared eligible by the Vetting Panel.

Before applying, prospective candidates should have a good understanding of the candidacy requirements and the election process, and are asked to familiarise themselves with the following:

Terms of reference of the IBU Athletes’ Committee

Athletes' Committee Terms of Reference (November 2023)

Candidate application form to be completed by candidates

Athletes' Committee Candidate Form

The list of candidates will be published latest on 11 February 2024, which is also the commencement date of the campaign period.

Key dates of the IBU Athletes’ Committee elections 2024



Notes (ToR)

27 November 2023

Election announcement

Minimum 3 months ahead of election

5 December 2023

IBU Athletes’ Meeting

Election information

December 2023

January 2024

Discussion within teams to choose candidate(s)

Maximum 1 woman and 1 man per Full Member Federation

26 January 2024

Candidate application form due

Minimum 30 days ahead of election

Early February

Vetting of candidates by BIU


11 February 2024

Publication of confirmed candidate list

Minimum 14 days ahead of election

27 February – 3 March 2024

Election of two new members, at least one woman, using the POLYAS system approved by the BIU

Only one member per NF to be elected.

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