Call for applications for the IBU Awards 2024 for Sustainability, Gender Equality and Social Media Excellence

IBU introduces IBU Awards for ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Social Media Excellence,’ and opens a new category for the NFs under the existing IBU Award for ‘Excellence in Sustainability.’ The Awards were designed to recognise work by the global Biathlon Family to reach the IBU’s overall objectives 2030 and to highlight best practices for growing the IBU’s reach, enhancing gender equity and promoting sustainability / climate action.

The applications are now open and will close on 31 May 2024. The official award presentation will take place at the IBU Congress 2024 in Belgrade/SRB.

Please submit your applications using the below guidance:

SUSTAINABILITY (New application deadline: 16 June)

For Sustainability, the sport of biathlon has set ambitious objectives in the IBU Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030. This is why it is important that sustainability becomes a core part of the execution and management of the IBU´s operations on all levels. Concrete examples of effective sustainability and climate practices will fast-track the implementation of successful programs.

National Federations can apply here.

Organising Committees can apply here.

IBU NF Award Sustainability 2024

GENDER EQUALITY (New application deadline: 16 June)

For Gender Equality, continued efforts on the national level in implementing programmes, projects and activities are required to realise the goals of the IBU Gender Equality Strategy 2021-2026, especially in the areas of governance, sport and portrayal. Examples of tried and tested actions and initiatives will ensure that all NFs benefit from the lessons learned by the others.

National Federations can apply here.

IBU NF Award Gender Equality 2024

SOCIAL MEDIA (New application deadline: 16 June)

For Social Media Excellence, time, resources and creativity in digital content are a must by IBU stakeholders for us to reach the IBU Objectives 2030 connected to growing the global fanbase. Highlighting creative pieces of success and relevant implementation to the rest of the Biathlon Family will inspire and encourage greater efforts in a field that is ever more important for widening biathlon’s global reach.

IBU Athletes can apply here.

National Federations can apply here.

IBU NF Award Social Media 2024



Organising Committees: 10,000 EUR

National Federations: 10,000 EUR

Gender Equality

National Federations: 10,000 EUR

Social Media

Athletes: 5,000 EUR

National Federations: 10,000 EUR

Application period: 1 April – 31 May 2024

New Applicaton period (Sustainability and Gender Equality): 01 April - 16 June 2024

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