T. Bormolini and C. Wright join IBU Gender Equality Athlete Ambassador Programme

The IBU is pleased to announce that Thomas Bormolini (ITA) and Campbell Wright (NZL) joined the IBU Gender Equality Athlete Ambassador Programme, extending the group to seven Ambassadors amongst

  • Susan Dunklee (USA)

  • Kelsey Dickinson (USA)

  • Regina Oja (EST)

  • Jessica Jislová (CZE)

  • Titus Clark (GBR)

Commenting on his choice to become an Athlete Ambassador for Gender Equality, Thomas Bormolini said:

"I've decided to be part of this project because I feel in our era where we live, there shouldn't be any differences between women and men. Everyone must have the same values, the same opportunities. The same respect. I would like to be an example for all and to try to give inspiration to others."

"I think nowadays the situation about GE is much better than in the past. But I see that sometimes the visibility between women and men is still not the same. In this historic period socials are influencing the vision of human beings. I would like that all of us, women and men, are in the same level regarding our responsibilities, our principles, our work. Not just thanks to one post or one like through the web."

Representing Team New Zealand, Campbell Wright said:

"I wanted to become a gender equality ambassador because I want to be a part of something more than just the races. I'm hoping that I will be able to make an impact on biathlon that will last longer than my biathlon career."

"I am hoping to progress biathlon as a sport so that it becomes one of the most equal sports in the world. I know that already we are leaps and bounds in front of other sports, but we can always do more to make things better for both genders in our sport. I am also hoping to be a valuable member to the wider IBU ambassador program and that my ideas will contribute to the larger goals of the IBU."

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