Schedule Change: Men 4 x 7.5km Relay Beijing

With temperatures forecast to drop below -15°C (feeling like -20°C) in the late afternoon at the National Biathlon Centre in Beijing, the Men 4 x 7.5km Relay at the Olympic Winter Games has been advanced to take place earlier on the same day.

New start time for tomorrow, 15 February 2022:

14:30 (Beijing)

09:30 (Moscow)

07:30 (Central Europe)

01:30 (New York)

IBU World Cup Race Director Borut Nunar said after BOCOG and the IOC announced the new times:

“The weather forecast for the original start time announces temperatures to drop below -15 C which according to the IBU rules endangers the conduction of the competition. By advancing the start time by two and a half hours we hope to avoid these cold temperatures and hold the competitions in fair and safe conditions for our athletes.”

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