Elvira Oeberg and Laegreid are the Blue bib champions

Elvira Oeberg, one of the fastest and most exciting women biathletes of the winter, and Sturla Holm Laegreid, one of seven men who wore a yellow bib before Quentin Fillon Maillet rose above the rest in Trimester 2, are the IBU's best athletes under 25 years for the 2021/2022 season. Elvira took the Blue bib after the second sprint of Oestersund and never let go of it, whereas Sturla secured it in the very last shooting in Oslo's mass start.

Elvira Oeberg - as did the whole Swedish team - blasted from the starting gate in the opening competition of the season, in the individual, but her shooting let her down. The Swedish women missed a combined 27 times (77.5% team accuracy), with Olympic and world champion in the individual Hanna Oeberg missing seven times. Elvira's form kept rising after the second place in the Oestersund sprint as she won in the pursuit and mass start of Annecy Le Grand Bornand and sprint of Ruhpolding. Elvira won two silver medals in individual competitions and anchored the gold-winning Swedish women's relay team at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. She also kept asking Marte Olsbu Roeiseland questions in the quest for the BMW IBU World Cup Total Score title. Sturla Holm Laegreid had a winning start to the season with a perfect 20/20 for a win in the individual. He then got sick and didn't really find a proper form until March. He had a fantastic finish to the season with a win in the sprint, second place in the mass start and third place in the pursuit at home in Oslo-Holmenkollen. He has secured a second consecutive U25 Total Score win only at the last standing shooting of the season when Sebastian Samuelsson missed three times and Sturla once. Oeberg and Laegreid both finished second in the BMW IBU World Cup Total Score standings.

Photo: IBU/C. Manzoni

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