Supporting Member Federations

The IBU provides material support for all developing NF members through cooperation with the IBU supplying partners. Each year, biathlon equipment is distributed to IBU´s member federations to support the Development of biathlon on a national level. A wishlist provided by the NFs represents the base for the distribution, which is organised in December every year.

This year, the material distribution took place from 08 - 09 December during the BMW IBU World 3 in Hochfilzen, Austria. Forty-two National Federations received

  • 249 pairs of skis

  • 191 pairs of poles

  • 629 pairs of bindings

  • 350,000 rounds of ammunition

  • 247 boxes of wax

  • 61 pairs of XC Boots

  • 1,504 pairs of gloves

  • 83 pairs of roller skis

and many more equipment from 29 Supplying Partners in a total value of about 800.000 €. The packages per NF are worth between 10.000 – 30.000€.

The material distribution is a really great and unique project. It has been organised already for several years by the IBU and is a significant part of our strategic plan Target26. The preparations are quite extensive. I start to order the equipment from our Supplying Partners already during summer time. In Autumn, I start to collect the wishes of our National Federations and create the distribution lists based on their needs and the equipment that will be available. To do the allocation fairly and transparently, we decided that according to our current development structure, all B-Nations (15) should receive 30% of the material, all C-Nations (23) should receive 65% of the material, and all D­ Nations (4) should receive 5%. A-Nations (advanced structure) and E-Nations (provisional and inactive members) have been excluded from the material distribution according to the IBU Development structure principles (2016), “ said Theresa Jost, IBU Development Project Coordinator, who manages the project.

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