Bloopers: The Funniest Moments of 23/24

Nine BMW IBU World Cup and two BMW IBU World Championships weeks, 500 fired shots on average and 109 laps skied per athlete (which decodes into 262.5 km for women and 335 km for men, and that excludes relays) leave enough room for reaching dizzying heights and, . . . unwillingly kissing the snow, for there is no sports equipment that is more unforgiving to the person who lost the balance than the cross-country skis. Just think of Viktor Brandt's one-leg solo cha-cha in the Sprint in Oberhof, which - despite Viktor's great effort not to - ended with a fall just a few meters before the finish line. One person is re-emerging in the Funniest moments of 2023/2024: Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold. You see, Ingrid is not just a world-class athlete. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She is biathlon personalised: there is a new drama every day. Enjoy!

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