My favourite summer outfit

In the winter, we are used to seeing athletes wearing their racing gear or warm-up jackets. But summer is a whole different ballgame. From city looks to dirt bike overalls: the biathletes' summer looks are fabulous!

Comfort and class for Rebecca Passler

"I like to wear my new favourite blue Nike Pro shorts that I combine with a white crop top. Underneath the top, I always wear a sports bra, and the colour blue comes into its own. I wear matching New Balance shoes.

I have chosen this outfit because it is comfortable to wear and my favourite summer colour is blue. It gives me happy vibes and reminds me of the sea and sky. I love good weather and summer! ☀️"

Something for the Norwegian summer

When asked about his summer style preferences Sturla Holm Laegreid opted for the city look. 

"I decided this is my perfect summer outfit. 🕺🏻 The perfect clothes to wear on a "warm" Norwegian summer day: a light linen T-shirt together with comfy shorts! Also, my favourite colour is on the shoes and shorts, almost like I would have planned it 👀."

Trusty Craft for Emilien Claude

France's Emilien Claude keeps the reasoning for his favourite out pretty straightforward:

"I never go outside without my Craft outfit!"

Hometown memories for Titus Clark

It's almost tougher to recognise him behind the helmet than in his skiing gear but there's good reason for Titus Clark's choice.

"I make quick trips home to Blighty (England). It's a small break from reality, you know. Summer breaks are for clearing the head and remembering what brings a smile to your face. Family, friends, and the smell of engine oil. That's what this outfit means to me."

Photo: Athletes' personal archive

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