My riffle's name is . . .

A riffle: an extension of the body and a friend in a shared destiny. We asked some athletes what name they would give to their riffle.

Mikito Tachizaki (JPN):

I never thought about it😂

I give a Japanese name to my rifle “AIBOU”.

The meaning of this word is “partner”.

Biathlon use a lot of equipments.

Those are part of my body.

Sean Doherty (USA)

I am afraid I don't have much of a name for my rifle. I view my rifle as a extension of my body. so it does not have a name it is simply a part of me. 

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Baiba Bendika (LTV)

I wouldn't say that it's name, it's more like nickname and it's - Hybrid 🖤 

Because of it's construction, it's metal + 3D plastic parts constructor puzzle 😁 

Elisa Gasparin (SUI)

I never gave a name to my rifle because it would be way too hard, since I keep breaking it every year and I would need a new name each time! 😂

But, if I had to give it a name it would be Kolain, like the horse I take care of every now and then. It can be a good horse, but he is a little crazy too... just like my races!😂  

Jesper Nelin (SWE)

I don’t have A name for my rifle. But if I did I think I “Michael Jordan” because it scores a lot of points (in precision).


Fabien Claude (FRA)

 My rifle has no name. And I will not give a name to it 😂 I don't know why but for sure it's a girl.. but with no name!

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Johannes Thingnes Boe (NOR)

No name, but I feel good about the colour combined with our ski suit🔵  

Jessica Jislova (CZE)

My rifle doesn’t have a name and I don’t know if she ever will. Only thing I know is that she is a girl and quite young, because she was made for me this spring. If we would try to think about names it would have to be something strong but not fancy. She is a natural beauty, doesn’t even need to be painted. 

(I told her this:  Made me think of some ancestral deity 😊 like Morana ⚡️  and she said it sounds really cool!)

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